What freedom mean to me.

To me, freedom is something that can never be too much. It is also something extremely important to us, children. I think freedom means to be able to do anything you want to do. As a ordinary girl, I have freedom to go anywhere I want, read any information I want  and say anything I want to. If I was going to say all the things that I call freedom, I might say more than a two hundred different words. But among all of them, I find these three the most important.

  1. Emotion
  2. Belief
  3. Life

The reason why I chose “Emotion” is because I think that we should have the ability to smile, frown and cry to show our emotions to our surroundings. For my second choice, I chose “Belief”. This is because I think that we should have the right to believe in our beliefs and we shouldn’t criticize each others’. For example, some people believe in heaven. For my final choice, I chose “Life” no matter what, I want to have the freedom to live. Everyone should get the chance to live all they want until their very last day.


Reading Kate’s point of freedom was quite intersting. From her view, she thought freedom was being able to choose who to be with. I agree with her view very much. Being able to hang around with those you like is one freedom. A similarity with our ideas was reading. The freedom to read was quite important between us. I am very happy that someone else feels the same.

Reading Zerric’s point of freedom was also quite interesting too. He had about four main ideas of freedom. They were relationship, equality and acception. He had very good reasons for his ideas. Although we didn’t have any similarities, I found his ideas understandable especially the equality. We should be treated equally and also treat others equally.


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  3. I really enjoyed reading this post Maya and am impressed with your insight and ideas about freedom. You have made connections to other posts, pointing out the similarities and differences. Your picture is lovely, and inspiring. Let’s hope others have the same freedoms we are lucky enough to enjoy. Very well done Maya, thank you for your thought and the energy you put into this post.


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