GCD-Multilingual me

China, America, and Japan. Chinese, English, and Japanese. My mother tongue is Chinese, but English comes more naturally to me at most times. As for Japanese, I have been living in Japan since Pre-school, I basically grew up here, so the language is very familiar to me and I also have been learning the language at school ever since I came to YIS. I feel cool and proud to know that I am able to communicate in three different languages, or maybe even more in the future. I would have never thought that I would be able to speak three languages this well when I was born.

This may sound a bit strange, but I speak to my family with mixed languages. I say a few words in Chinese, then English, then Japanese, I have always wondered if other multilingual people are in this kind of situation. Although this happens sometimes, at home Chinese is mainly spoken with my parents and Japanese with my younger brother (his first language is Japanese). I find it really useful to have three languages, apart from it being convenient, it allows you to interact with many more people.  If you know more than one language, you will realize that there are so many expressions of one language that you just can’t express through the other.  This can be frustrating sometimes because you try to translate the expression but then it doesn’t really make sense in the other language. Having more than one language makes your thinking more diverse, your brain naturally makes you think with the perspective of all your languages which I believe is what makes an international minded person – being able to see situations in a culturally unbiased perspective, understanding and respecting all perspectives.

Living in Japan for almost my whole life and growing up with education where English is prioritized, makes Chinese used less often in daily life other than basic conversations with my family. Chinese is my mother tongue, so I believe it is very important to be fluent, which is why I have continued to take Chinese lessons once a week since elementary. Recently, I decided to take the HSK Chinese language proficiency test, on one hand, to prove my fluency and on the other hand to see for myself what level I am at. I am quite satisfied with my results as I scored much higher than the passing point at the highest test level. However, at the same time, I was able to see what I struggled with, I lost much of my points in the writing section because I couldn’t remember how to write the characters of certain sentences I wanted to express. I actually expected this because there is not much opportunity to write in Chinese in daily life other than homework from my lessons. Also because I am so used to typing, when you type the pinyin in the computer, the character will come out itself. But the funny thing is that I am able to read Chinese books, I recognize the character when I see it but I just can’t write it sometimes. This is something I want to improve on, which is also one of the reasons I chose to learn calligraphy, to practice my writing.

Lastly, like I mentioned before, being multilingual is a great benefit. Your brain automatically brings you to see things from different perspectives, other than being convenient, I believe it will also bring much more opportunities in life. I am very grateful to have three languages.

Prom Committee

This year I was part of the Prom committee. The prom committee was in charge of planning and running the prom for the juniors and seniors which took place on May 26th, 2017. Our first meetings were during the fall of 2016, I was one of the first people to sign up for the group, but at that time we were short of members, therefore I was involved with gathering more people who may be interested in joining. It took about a month to become a big group we have now. Our real meetings where we actually started taking action towards the event started towards the end of 2016.

Before taking any action, we divided the big group into four main sub-groups – Business, Communications, Decorations, Tickets. Although we all have been part of giving advice and helping out for all these groups, these were the jobs we took most part in. The reason we decided to break up into specific groups was to make the management more organized. Business was in charge of financial calculations and making contacts with the venue, Communications was in charge of promotions, Decorations was in charge of choosing and ordering supplies, Ticket people were in charge of selling and keeping count of tickets. I was part of the communications group and was in charge of the senior video making.  The senior video is played at the end of prom night, featuring the seniors and moments during their last year.

Being in charge of the video meant I had to plan the days for filming, plan out what type of footage we needed to get, and contacting seniors. Prom committee created a Facebook page where we shared daily updates and communicated with each other outside of the meetings, this is also where most of our planning happens.

With the help of a few other members of the prom committee group, I was able to get good footage for the video. Organization was a big part of the video making, having organized files, I was able to quickly notice missing footage or mistakes, therefore, was also able to quickly have problems fixed. This was also very helpful during the process of putting the video together.

I actually don’t have much experience with video making so this was a challenging job for me, I also felt a bit worried because this video would be shown to more than a hundred people. I spent most of my weekends from the end of April to beginning of May working on the video.

Overall, being part of prom committee gave me the experiences behind holding a big event. During this process, I developed my management skills, which I think is a very valuable skill to continue developing because it will be useful for many occasions in the future, whether it is for work or just any situations in life requiring similar skills.

Student Ambassador Program

I decided to join student ambassador. Our job was to show new families around the school and introduce them to the school life.
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 10.07.05 AM







A few months ago, I realized that Ayasa (a new student who became a good friend of mine) was the daughter of one of the parents we were showing around. I never realized this. I was wondering one day why I seemed to have heard her name somewhere and I asked Caycee (another close friend) if she remembered our first student ambassador tour, and she was also surprised. I think this is really great how we were able to become friends with a family we toured, although Ayasa was not there for the tour, I still felt like we made some kind of connection with her which pulled us close when she started school at YIS in the second semester. It was amazing how I became close friends with her, student ambassador is not just a great opportunity for me to be part of a leadership role but also to meet new people. During this, I felt honored to be representing the school, but also nervous because I wanted to leave a good impression for the families. It was also really nice to hear when she said that her parents still remembered us and were thankful for the tour which helped them make the final decision. This was also when I realized how important this my role was.

My next tour was on March 22nd.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 2.04.38 PM








This time I showed around a family from South Africa, whose daughter was deciding to enroll in our grade for the new school year. During this tour, the new student came too, so I had the opportunity to talk to her about the school life and answer some of her questions. Of course, the new student was shy at first but I was able to start a conversation which not only lead to us knowing more about each other, but also sharing our very different school life. When I asked her about what activities she was interested in, I found out that she was thinking about joining cross country, which made me very excited because this is one of my favorite activities. Although, she wasn’t quite sure at first because she was a bit worried about her ability and how the activity works. I encouraged her to try out the activity and shared my own experience with her, in the end, she seemed certain about joining the activity and was very excited.

Overall, being part of the student ambassador was an honor especially when the new students and their family still recognizes you afterward. This was an important role because as a student whose been in YIS for many years, my actions reflect the school. In my experiences as part of student ambassador, I believe I was very successful, and I was able to see this when the new students came.

Personal project – Personal goal

During the second semester of grade 9, we were introduced to the personal project. Before we started, I always heard the grade 10 students last year talking about it. I was curious, excited and nervous. This was because I heard that the personal project was hard, time-consuming and complicated.

The goal for my project was mainly to get girls around my age to be more aware and really understand this situation food is causing, also how they can properly deal with it without harming themselves and becoming afraid to eat. To achieve this goal, I decided to create a blog on healthy eating. My blog is personal, therefore, makes it a comfortable place for girls to share their knowledge and ideas, this is also a place where I share ideas for recipes, facts, tips, and other information.

My reflection

Reflection on Media Fair

For our final english unit of grade 10, students were to choose a topic and to examine the topic through the lens of at least 5 different text types. We presented our research by creating a poster and displayed them around the classroom. Yesterday, we had the media fair where we took turns presenting our posters to people of both classes. At the media fair, I went to 5 people’s presentation, 2 from our class and 2 from the other.

The first person I talked to was Alina, her poster was about “Stay at home dads“. She presented the perspectives of dads who stays at home taking care of kids through the text types, TV commercial, song lyrics, politica cartoon, books, magazine article, and canpain poster. In our discussion she talked about how the text types presented stereotypes and the perspective of gender roles, but also the message that they should deserve more recognition.

Caycee’s topic was on “Hafu” which refers to somebody who is mixed-race Japanese. She discussed this topic through the text types of documentary, poster, image, social media, and articles. It was interesting to find out how the perspective of “hafu” is positive from the Japanese point of view, and how the Japanese people believe in a common stereotypes for “hafu”. Although I think that it is unfair for the “hafu” because like caycee was saying, society expects all hafu to look completely gaijin(foreigner). So, it is unfair, as many hafu people feel as they don’t belong.

Margot talked about “Plus size models” through the text types of advertisments, poem, youtube, articles, poster, and movie. It was good to see that there are many positive perspectives as she discussed how the plus size is gradually being more socially accepted.

Erin explored “Cutural appropriation focus on Kylie Jenner” through the text types of youtube, twitter, instagram, news, talkshow, and magazine article. We all know that Kylie Jenner is famous, and I found it interesting how Erin mentioned, Kylie Jenner used her power to influence more and more people from her fashion statement, instead of using her power to influence people in other better areas. Kylie Jenner takes characteristics from cultures such as African Americans and uses them for fashion. I really like a quote she had on the poster “What would America be like if we loved Black people as much as we love Black culture?”.











Our group did not use any script or palm cards, I think that we spoke quite well and clear. Also the structure of the speech  is organized well, we organized it in the order of the story which I think is easy for the audience to follow. We collaborated well when preparing for the speech. We divided our parts and each thought about our own parts but also gave each other ideas and feedback which made our presentation better.



チェン ジャンホン 作・絵

作者のチェン・ジャンホンは、中国の天津生まれです。そして87年パリに移住しました。この本の絵はチェン ジャンホンが中国の伝統的水墨画の手法を用して書きました。





シシーる はこの本はとっても感動する話しですから好きと言いました。私はこの話しの中の人物が面白いと思います。トラを使ってこの話しをあらわすのはクリエーティブです。だけど何でトラを使ったのは私がこの話しにの疑問です。




Characters: 787


Healthy Habits

From the time I started till now, I can really feel the big change, I have definitely become stronger. Running has become a part in my daily routine and one of the most important ones as well. Running has taught me, and made me understand quite a few important tips for health and life.

  • There is no secret in success so you get out what you put in.
  • Learn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable.
  • Run with your head up, stay positive.
  • For a teenage girl, you need at least 30 min of exercise every day.
  • Exercise such as running can help you sleep better. I have noticed this, I am not as tired in the morning and I sleep the whole night without waking up.
  • At least 7 hours of sleep will help repair your body.
  • Your body starts repairing from 11:30 pm.
  • Running helps you release stress.
  • You always need a rest. Running too much is not good, at least a one day rest will help your body recover.
  • Running is something you need to to continue. Like many things, to meet an aim, doing it once or twice will not help.
  • If you don’t continue to practice, your improvements will disappear, you will have to start where you began again.
  • Setting a small goal every time worked for me.
  • Beating YOUR personal best.

Just this on thing can make a big impact on you. You just need at least 30 min of every day to move around, and can make a difference to your health.

Some people may find it hard to exercise depending on the season, most likely during summer and winter. Don’t worry I know just how you feel. In the winter I do not want to get out of the house because it is so cold and during the summer I do not want to get out because it is too hot. During these two seasons it is nice to have a gym near your house. While during spring I like to take a run outside because there is always a nice view and it is very calming to run in the fresh air. I look forward to Autumn the most because I have cross country which means I get to go for a run with a big group which is always more motivating and fun.

This is what my running schedule looks like, and I try to stay with this schedule. Although, there are weeks where I have to change things around depending on school work and other activities.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 9.50.22 AM







“I smile when I run, because I know that I don’t have to”-John Bingham

I love this quote because it is true. Running has become one of my hobbies.

Practice Of Activity

The first activity season in grade 9, I decided to join cross country. I have always liked to run before but did not really bother to make it something I would actually go and do every day.  Joining cross country has motivated me to continue the practice of running. From after the season finished, I set a goal for myself of going for a run, at least three times a week, and daily during breaks. This was not as easy as it seems! In the first month, I was struggling because practices at school were always with a big group or with friends, but now I have to continue by myself which was hard at first. The first few times I went for a run, my mom ran with me, but I knew I had to continue by myself because my mom would not always have time to come with me. When the new year of 2015 came, that was when I really started getting active and eager to be able to get to this goal. New year, new me! During practices, I realized that I felt good when I am running but feel even better when I am finished. There was one week I didn’t go running, and I did not feel energetic as when I went running. Which is the opposite to how I felt when I started to run because in the start I always felt tired. I knew that this meant I was improving, becoming more fit in running.

Here is a few of my spring break practices:

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 9.02.41 PM







Now I am in the middle of 10th grade, this year I joined cross country again. I was really excited for the cross country season, not as nervous as last year because I gained more confidence with running from the time I started my running practices. This year I also got to take part in the varsity runs, which I thought was really exciting. Although I am still eager to improve my time. When I was comparing my results from 9th grade to 10th grade, I saw that my first times were always slower. As you can see, my final run in 9th grade was 16min40sec, my first run in 10th grade was 17min26sec. I was almost 1min slower! Therefore, I knew I had to get back on track. Although only a slight improvement, I did succeed in the end. Now that going for a run has become a routine for me, I would definitely want to continue this healthy habit even after high school.

Grade 9 cross country times                   Grade 10 cross country times

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 12.32.35 AM

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 8.36.57 PM






HS girls team photo

cross country october 2015 (5 of 11)-XL