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Drama Unit 1 Improv

Significant Concept: Responding to an external stimulus, one needs to have immediate action where there is a suspension of thought.

Guiding Question: How can I stop hesitating and re-act without thinking?

Summative Task: Improv Theatre Sport
Students will engage in summative Improv Theatre Sport Event. 3 theater sport games will be chosen from 6 theater games practised during the unit. Students are divided in 3 teams. Each student has a sheet with rubric to record the minimum of 2 games joined.

•Be aware of dramatic instinct.
•The importance of the ensemble.

• Making an offer
• Accepting offers
• Giving the stage to others
• Move the action on (advancing)
• Creating a location

Japanese hometown project





私し山手にすんでいます。 私のいえのまわりわしずかです。 横浜にすごくたのしときれいなところがたくさんあります。横浜にあきになたらすこくすずしです。よこはまにたくさんおみせがあります。学校が好きです、学校がすごくたのしいです。私の友達がすごくたのしとやさしです。横浜にたくさんおいしいたべものがあります。私のうちのちかくにたくさんのこえんがあります。横浜のれきしべんきよしたいです。もとまちにたくさんのみせがあります、たのしいです。


わたしのいちばんところわ横浜のそごとみらとみらいです。そごにたくさんのたべものとみせがあります。みらとみらいにlandmark towerとおきなぢぱとがあります。ぢぱとのほにゃさんがすきです。

The Investigate Reflection

First we made a brainstorm for the blog. We have learned about not having the blog to fancy or messy with a lot of different colors it would be to bright. By not having the blog unorganized we found out how to organize the blog to make it neat. We investigated about the blog and how to put posts and organize the blog like I said before to make the blog look perfect. We learned about the design cycle and did some activities with it I realized that the design cycle will really help me make my blog perfect, It is Investigate, plan, create, evaluate. Now I think we just finished investigate but of course we will still find out different things about the blog while we design it. I am already starting to plan on how my blog is going to look like, I thought of colors that will match each other and not bright colors that will be too bright. I have looked at other people’s blogs too some of them were very good like the go Ramen blog it had the balance of pictures and words, the pictures were all well taken and the color of the blog was not bright and the blog had categories to get the blog organized it was a very good example I got a lot of ideas from that blog that will make my own blog perfect too.

I think the one about colors that you choose because if you choose colors that does not match or to bright and to much colors it would make it look bad and hurt your eyes. so you should use simple colors.
And also make the font size all the same except for the title of something because it will get confusing and untidy or messy.