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Just love going skating with friends

Today !!!!

Me, Julia, Sungwon, Alex, Sena, Layna, Tomoka and Jem went skating, when we met at the subway this day started the morning from 9:00 to 11:00 was boring and fun at the same time.

It was like sooooo boring and fun!!! We had to wait there for like 1 and a half hours!

We made sungy (sungwon) and Alex do break dancing and earn some money but it didn’t work so well. We played truth or dare but it was boring just boring so we waited at the ticket place for half an hour.

But the awesome time came we could step on the ice cold ice and skate like the wind, we were all pretty good we steped in and started skating like pros and played tag and did races. At lunch we all ate juicy, crunchy and very salty french  fries, we all decided that the cook poured a whole small pack of salt in each plate of fries. OMG!!! we where all begging for water after we ate. Todays ice was perfect it wasn’t too hard and was not sooo melted.

After the skating we decided that we should take a break at world porters and play some games. Me , Sungy ,Julia and Alex toke a picture in a machine thingy.

Here is one of the pictures:              

Sungy, Alex, Julia and Me!!!


Drama speech reflection

In Drama class we had a short speech about our hobbies or a thing we like to the whole class. We started planning this from about       2 weeks ago and we worked on it for homework and at class. We wrote note cards to remind us when we have no idea of what to say during the speech, but we mostly had to memorize it because the speech was very short. When I started my speech I was nervous and I had a little hard time to keep on talking and keeping my voice at the right speed. I had to look at my cards but only sometimes I tried to memorize the introduction and the conclusion.

What I should Improve for next time

1. the speed of my voice

2. Memorize most of the parts and look only at the cards a little bit

3. Have more body actions to make it look interesting



Evaluate Reflection

Time to Evaluate!!! 🙂

Am I happy with My work that I finished in this project?

Well am I????

Well I think that even if I did not finish some of the tasks on time I always end up finishing it and making it look awesome. So this should mean that I am happy but I need more ideas for writing  posts in a way that is interesting and eye catching to everyone. My projects that I have worked on all seem good but if I could do it again I would finish it on time and make it more like a blog post not ust a normal dull paragraph.

In what did I learn the most in? Umm… let me think.

I liked learning about the design cycle it really helps me in tech works and other classes. I feel like I learned the most in the Plan part don’t worry this does not mean I did not learn anything good in the other parts, the plan was also the the most fun part to me. I learned that it would be easy to do anything if we planed before we actually did it, it makes thing faster. For this part (Plan) we made 3 or more blog designs and tried to make it so that we could really use it.

What should I say to myself if I asked myself what IB learner profile was I? I guess I was a…

I guess I was mostly a thinker and risk-taker because I tried lots of things that was on my blog and I investigated lots of things by myself, I had to think of what types of  things and what I could do to make my blog my dream blog.

I could use these stuff that I learned so far in the future when I do work like I do now.

Create Reflection

Is my blog awesome? Yeah of course… Ok maybe not but still it’s pretty nice for the beginning don’t you think? 🙂


My blog theme is ok, I like my blog design but it is a bit maybe it could use some more work on it, for the header place maybe that picture is a bit to fancy I should put something more simple. I think my blog now is just the start, I have a feeling that I will make my blog theme more like what I want it to be like.

I am proud of my blog posts and I am proud of the things that I figured out and learned to make my blog look more better. I am happy to see that my blog looks more not like a person who just started to make a blog but some one that is used to the blog and knows pretty much about it.

I am thinking that if I can become a even better blogger I should put something like a every day reflection or news kind of thing so that all the other things on my blog is not going to look dull and old. But not just writing I fell like I have too much words on my blog that I should really try to put more pictures to make it look more like I know how to use a blog and I am not just a starter kind of thing but now I am pretty proud of my blog since I just started because I could see lots of change when I just started until now.