Teachers of the Future: Investigate Reflection

In tech class we have been Investigating about how to make a good tutorial. We all looked at other peoples favorite tutorials that they have posted and leave a comment about what you think about what you think about that tutorial. I have viewed Tomoka’s blog and Kate’s blog, Tomoka’s was about how to draw a cute cartoon bunny which was really cute and helpful. Kate’s was about how to draw manga eyes, which was interesting too.

My plan

First we made a plan about some of the tutorials that we have looked at with comments with our own point of view about the tutorials that we watched. Then we picked out our favorite one and posted it on our blog. After we did all that we went to two other people’s blogs from another class and watched their favorite tutorial that they have watched as I mentioned in the first part. We read their description about why they chose that tutorial and why it was their favorite, and on the comments we commented our own point of view about the video.

By looking at some other peoples favorite tutorialsI learned lots of different stuff from other peoples point of view about what makes a good tutorial. I learned from Tomoka’s tutorial that it is important to have a dark clear color so that the audience could see what you are doing. Tomoka mentioned how the creator was talking in the video too I thought I need to really think of that when I am making my own tutorial, because if I did not have a loud and clear voice my audience would not know what I am saying so if I don’t speak clearly there is no point of making a video with voice in it everyone would think a tutorial that is written would be better and more clear. I also thought about the tools that I will use in my own tutorial that I will be making soon, because if the tools that I use is not good such as using a yellow or a light color pen.

When I choose my topic I need to know the topic really well. The first mini tutorial that I have made is on a document presentation so it is not a video. I think for my first tutorial it is a very good one but I started to think more, I am thinking that the videos that I watched were simple and more detailed. I am wondering why and soon I found out that if you want to say something when you say it it is more easier to understand, when you write what you want to say other people might not understand what message you are trying to tell them so I think that if you actually moved in the tutorial it will be easier for you and the audience but of course when you make the video it won’t be as easy but now I am talking about after you make it, when you present it.

In this investigate I have learned a lot of stuff about a good tutorial because we have been discussing a lot about tutorials and how to make it well and interesting.

I can’t wait until I make my own exciting tutorial, it sounds so much fun! And of course when I finish making my own one I will put it on y blog for all to see. 😀

2 thoughts on “Teachers of the Future: Investigate Reflection

  1. Great job Lucy! You have lots of great details here and it’s clear that you learned a lot about making a great tutorial! I’m excited to see your finished tutorial too! I also think it’s important to speak clearly and to know a lot about your topic, I’m sure you’re going to do a great job.

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