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Showcase portfolio

In tutor we made goals for this year. We made three or four, one of them could be about something out of school and at least two had to be about school we toke two tutor classes making and finishing our goals. Lots of people had trouble picking and thinking of goals for their selfs, I don’t really know why but it was actually kinda hard. At the end of the second class we all ended up with excillent goals for the year or the month or… Never mind, we just came up with great goals. 😀
We made our goals on a google document. here is a picture that gives a idea of how our document looks like but good news! I will share two of my goals that I like best with you all.

Goal #1:

My first goal was to write neater. I want to write neater because for sometimes when I need to write quick i get really messy and my work becomes messy too and I don’t like it.

Recent work:

I practice my writing by writing comics or short stories. For this goal I think I made a very good deadline.

Why is this goal important to me?

I want my work to look more neater



Goal #2 

My second goal is to improve on my dancing. I want to improve because dancing is my hobby and I want to get better at it.

Recent work:

I made a deadline of when I am going to achieve my improvement. At home I have been practicing stretching and movements. I balance books on my head because my main topic actually is to be good at mongolian bowl dancing.

Why is this goal important to me?

It is important because I love dancing and it is my hobby, but I also want to learn a little bit more about dancing from my culture.

This is my goals document.

Here is a snap shot of a small part of what the document                  looks like.




Art Self portrait

In art for one of our units we studied about self portrait paintings and painted one our selfs. Then we made a blog post of how it went, our weakness, strengths and our own thoughts.





English Book Podcast

We all read a sakura medal book and made a podcast about the book, then on the blog we made a reflection about the book and how our podcast went.





Tech My tutorial



After all the research about how to make a good tutorial we made our own one to teach other people something, this is My tutorial that I made where I will explain or teach what is a good way to practice chinese.  





PE Gymnastics performance


In PE in groups we created a sequence using the gymnastic skills we learned. I worked in a group of five to make this performance, after we videoed our self we reflected on our performance.




Tower made of straw

Aim: To make the highest tower as possible out of 20 straws and 60cm of tape. The tower should be able to support at least a mass of 20g.

I think our tower was very tall and has a good shape and looks very strong but when we put the weighs on it started to bend a little and it fell. If I did this next time I would think more about the way it is built and the weak parts of the tower if we build it like this, or add a triangle shape at the inside edges to make it stay up longer.

Rhythm performance

Now our drama unit is on creative movements and we made this rhythm performance in small groups of four.
Here is the video of my group performing.

Untitled from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

THanks for watching I hoped you enjoyed that 🙂