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Podcast 1

In English we have been working on a podcast, we mad a podcast about our Sakura medal book that we finished reading. I read a book written by Mariane Malone, the tittle of the book is “The 68 Rooms”. We made the podcast on garage band. We all had a main focus in our podcasts, my focus was the character and setting.


How did having a real audience(family, friends and the whole world!) affect my speaking?

When I heard that everyone could listen to my podcast I got more nervous. I did this podcast pretty well I think because it is my first podcast ever! I spoke more louder and clear and with as much expressions as I can put in. While I was making the podcast I was thinking “If I made a mistake or did not speak loud and clear everyone will think I am a mouse, and that would be embarrassing so I did my best.

How did working with others help my learning?

When I worked with others it made making our podcasts more easier and faster. I realized that if we work as a team to create a good intro music and finish our podcast at the same time it will be much faster to finish. We worked in pairs to make our intro and outro, after we finished we voted for the best one. I think that working with others helped my creation because I can get different ideas.


What should I improve on next time?

The next time I make a podcast I will want to improve on having more experesion in my voice and I will try to speak more slowly and with no mistakes.

Drama singing in the rain

In Drama class we have been looking at creative movements and we watched this video and had a little discuss about how he moves and how he uses his props the umbrella.
I realized that the umbrella was not only used as a umbrella it was also used a a cane.

This is a video of Gene Kelly singing in the rain. our class looked at videos of people dancing and we are now working on our own dance conbination with our groups of two, three or four. One of the videos we watched is singing in the rain, if you want to watch singing in the rain video then look above.

I like Gene Kelly’s video because he uses his props in a creative way. Gene Kelly’s way of dancing because he has a creative,natural and confident. He is very cheerful, happy and energetic, his acting looks like it’s really it’s happening. Gene Kelly always had a smile on his face and his voice sounded he was really happy about something. When he was dancing he was also acting, to make it more like a story.

First I was wondering how they shot this scene, was it on a real street? But it was raining really hard so it was not a real street. How Gene Kelly danced and singed on stage made the stage actually look more realistic. I really like how he uses his big space on the stage, there was cars and other people but even withought

Gene Kelly’s rhythm is very confident and matches the topic of the video. He keeps his rhythm the same all the way, he matches his rhythm to his dance or movements. He uses his arms and legs to kind of make the rhythm stand out.

If you watch this video then you will know how fantastic and interesting Gene Kelly’s style, movements, act and his expression looks like. If you watch carefully you could see the smile on his face.

Self portrait painting

This Unit in art we have been looking at self portraits, last time we made a drawing of our selfs in pencil and shading but this time we painted it. We got to choose our very own background and design, It took a while to get ready to start the real thing but time pasted by fast. Before we started painting we needed to choose our color for the painting, we used the color wheel to help us choose our colors.


I think I did pretty well on my shading on the face and I like my brush strokes on my hair and background.


I need more work on making my nose look real and adding more details on my eyes.

 Here is a picture of what my finished work looks like.

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Art and Architecture

The ancient arts of Greek, Egypt and China?  Find out facts about them in my writing below 🙂

China Greece Egypt
Buildings: Most Chinese buildings are made from wood or concrete.
Art of the Ming dynasty:
Most art from the Ming dynasty is made from glass they are mostly glass vases with beautiful decorations
Art of the Tang dynasty:
In the Tang dynasty art was pretty popular, they had all kinds of arts but most in Tang dynasty is sculptures. They mostly make sculptures of horses and princesses. The other main art is paintings, They made lots of paintings of people, but most of them were
located inside the palace.
Greek Art – The Greek art began from the Cylodic and Minoen civilization,they gave birth to western classic art.The Greek art is mainly broke into 5 forms. Articheture,sculpture,pottery,painting and jewelry making.Greek Artichecture  – The Greeks had 3 temple architectural systems. Doric,Ionic and Corinthan.  The doric style is very detailed in the middle and simple on the top. The ionic style is is more thinner and more elegant. The Corinthan style has leaves on top. The Corinthan style is often found on Greek temples.

Greek Sculptures – There are not much sculptures left from the ancient Greek.Most of the Ancient Greeks had sculptures of god.

Art from Egypt: Egypt mostly paint pictures. Mummies are also part of art in Egypt unique. The art in Egypt are all really , most paintings have the man with the dog head.
Buildings: Most of the ancient Egyptian buildings have disappeared leaving no trace. They were built of sun baked bricks made of Nile mud and straw, houses, palaces and city walls crumbled when they stopped being looked after. Stone structures like temples and tombs fared better, but even they fell victim to the ravages of time, the greed of men, to earthquakes and subsidence. One shouldn’t be surprised by what has disappeared but by how much is left.
Similarities – All Civilizations made sculputures to remember the gods of their civilizations or the other important people in their civilization.They also made paintings to remember or to keep track of stuff, such as events that happened.Similarities-

Similarities to the modern age: There are more high quality arts in the modern age than the ancient world. Now we use more colors, paint, color pencils and pens but in ancient civilization they used rocks. In the ancient time they also used paint. Now we create art to share our imagination, for fun or things you like.

Plan reflection

As you know in tech class we have been working on how to make a good tutorial. For the plan part of the tutorial making we worked on what our topic is, how do we make a video and what the tutorial will look like and all those stuff. The other day we explored imovie and found out lots of different stuff that we did not know about imovie, then we made a short video with the things we know on it. Before that we were dicideing about the topics for our tutorials, we read some of the teachers requests and thought of our own that is related to a class. We ended up having 3 pages filled up with ideas, but each of us could only choose one. After the topic choosing our teacher gave us some print out storyboards to work on. We needed to make a plan of what we are going to do in the video and what we are going to say.

We made brainstorm ideas of what we should have in our tutorial and why. Here is some examples of them, simple, introduction and easy to see. It is important to make it  simple it is easy to understand. Having a Introduction is important because if you don’t have a introduction no one will know what you are going to show them or what you are talking about. If you don’t have clear pictures or your video is not clear the audience won’t want to watch it and it will not be a good tutorial and the audience can’t see what you are doing, so it is important to have a clear video.

I think I did pretty well on planing out my video on a sheet of paper or storyboard because I made my ideas simple and understandable. I learned a lot from the plan in how to make a good plan, one of the things is making everything simple but not too simple.








I want to learn more about how to make my tutorial more professional and interesting so that more people will watch. It will help me alot because I will get better at putting effects and other stuff. Next time if I do this I will want to be more organized and clean but most of the stuff I am glad.

I think as my first tutorial video its going to be pretty good because I made simple steps and scripts, my plan is also good.