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Create reflection

This Unit we were looking and learning and even creating our own tutorials.  Now that we finished creating our tutorials I want to reflect on what I learned or found out and what I might want to make better.

While this unit I learned lots of new tips that I never thought about before, but after this I know that using those tips are important. I also learned a lesson from my tutorial about you should  always not video it all at once because you might need to video 3 or more times and if you cut some parts off it might look strange.

A good way of practicing Chinese from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

I am not so proud of my tutorial but I still think it was not so bad for a first one. When I was creating the tutorial it was fun and I thought I had everything I needed but at the end it was too long but the steps were clear. When I looked at some examples on youtube I thought I needed to make my tutorial more simple and shorter and some more.

I think it was not so difficult and not easy, when I was filming it was easy but the editing parts were hard. While I was filming it was easy because you just need to record your self showing the steps to your topic. But the editing was hard because sometimes the music does not work and lots of the editing tools i don’t know about.

I think that I meet the criteria not distracting, and loud voice. I think it meets not distracting because I don’t have other sounds or movement in the background and the video is always focusing on the main subject. It meets loud voice because I spoke loudly and clearly.

If I created another tutorial I will try making it shorter with simple steps, I will have to work a bit more at the editings because my tutorials editing was not so good this time. Some of my music and slides were messed up.

I watched my friend Maya and Elina, when I watched their tutorials I got lots of ideas of how to make my tutorial better. On Maya’s I learned about how to talk in a loud, confident and clear voice and on Elina’s I learned some stuff about changing my header and background on my blog. Both of theirs gave me another idea of what I don’t have in my tutorial that they have.

I enjoyed this unit because I like making our sharing stuff such as our creativeness. I learned a lot of things in this unit that helps me us the computer such as putting in music. If we were going to do this unit again I maybe would want to do it again and improve on my tutorial.




Humanities culture

Different cultures eat different food even though it is the same we eat it in a different and unique way. Our class watched some videos of some different cutures and two of them is about food. The first one was about a food buffet, there was no normal food they served bugs and different kinds of creatures like raccoons and alligators but it is normal to them but seems weird to us. Actually it is the same thing as us eating chicken, cows and pigs, it is normal to us but not normal to some other cultures just like their food seems weird to us. I think I would like to try some of the other cultures foods, clothing and behavior because it is fun and you get to understand the other culture more.


私は春休みに大阪、 京都と奈良に行きました。一日目に大阪に行きました。大阪の任期の町に行きました。あの町にたくさんの食べ物がありました。夜に鉈らすごく大きのホテルに帰りました。

A good way of practicing Chinese

In Technology we have been working on making tutorials to help other people in a topic. We viewed other peoples tutorials on youtube and picked our favorite then shared it with the whole class. We discussed about our favorite tutorials with the whole class and with partners, we talked about why we liked it, why it is good and how did it interest us. Then with the whole class we wrote down the important things when making our tutorials. After the discussion we made a practice tutorial on google docs presentation about how to do tricks in games or how to post a blog post and more.

While this unit I learned a lot of new stuff about using the computer again like always. I learned that you need to be clear with what you want to show or tell other people in your presentation. I also learned that you need to speak clear, load and in a tone of voice that is good for all ages. Sometimes if you make your video long it gets really boring and no one will like it but if it is too short they might want to listen to more.

This is my tutorial video please enjoy.

A good way of practicing Chinese from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

The next time I do this I will want to make it a bit simpler and shorter. I think I did a good job with my voice level.