Drama Mime door

In the first unit of 7th grade drama we have been looking at miming and the different key points in miming. In class we have played and practiced a few miming games for example one of them was the mirror game where one person is the mirror and the other person is a actor, dancer or sports player and we needed to mime to describe your person. After a few more classes with a partner we made this mime named the door mime, we create a simple story where we will open the door and close the door.

My partner was Aruna, she and I thought of this story about us being room mates, we couldn’t open the door and we opened the door with a axe. But after we got in we got locked in again.

I think that my mime for opening the door was not so bad but not perfect, when I opened the door I think I kind of curved the door.

In other performances I could use these miming skills that we learned so far for acting out stuff for example opening and closing stuff, and facial expressions and body language to show how I am fleeing in the part of the performance.

This is Me and Aruna’s finished door mime video that we took in class.
I hope you all enjoy 😀

7C Drama: Mime Door from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

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