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Silent Film Analysis

We are still studying about mime in drama, This week we watched a video called smile by Charlie Chaplin. In class we also watched another video of a whole story that was similar to Romeo and Juliet but was in mime. I thought the actors were really good because without speaking and voice they could act out a whole story that people could understand completely.

Enjoy! 😀

What emotions are shown in this scene?
At the first part the women looked tired or sad then to show that she suddenly put her head in her arms and cries leaning on a rock. The man at first was like he didn’t notice the women crying because it shows him fixing his shoes, then he kinda naturally look at the side where the women was then realized that she was crying. The women showed that she was sad when she was talking to the man not looking straight at him but looking up and in front.
The actors show their feelings by their body positioning, the angle there face is at and with their faces.

Basic mimes reflection

We are now still learning about mimes and this time we had to work in groups and act out a random scene to mime out without telling the audience what the scene is.
I think that my group did not do bad because at the end everybody could tell what our scene was.
Our strengths were working as a team to mime it out, we had two ideas of how to act it out but at the end we did not choose so we looked at each other and made another story but the same scene. Also we did not walk through anything like a ghost. I also thought how we passed the things to each other was a success because we kept it the same weight and same size.
I think our weaknesses were that we need more facial expressions to make the scene look more real and not just a act. Also maybe we should of discussed about some parts together more because at the first part we kind of made it look like the car was tilting on the ground, so some parts we should be careful about. Other wise I thought we did pretty well because we only had a short time to practice.

This is our video please enjoy! Hmmmm… I wonder if you all can guess what kind of scene we are doing?

7C Drama: Basic Mimes from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Basketball Man to man defense and Zone defense

For my class’s first PE unit is about basketball and have learned a lot of skills such as defense and shooting. So our assignment was too make a video where we talk about what we think a man to man and Zone defense are.
Here is my video please enjoy:) PS: I have a sore throat so my voice is kinda weird.