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Field Studies 2012 some of the pics

Sorry , this post is a little bit too late but here is some photos from each day during

field studies at Northstar Nagano. ūüôā

6 hour bus ride to Northstar…

corn soup from dinner!

The view from our window

Our room that did not have a toilet!






Making soba

The 6 hour hike route




Each day has a good memory to go with it. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†I can’t wait until next years field studies.

The Delicious curry lunch

Happy friends ūüôā

We are just in time for red leaves

Renaissance man Reflection

In humanities we are just starting our new unit, about the renaissance man and the dark ages. Our first assignment was to choose a renaissance man or women that you are interested in, research about them and write a comic book with 13-19 boxes. We also had to write for two or three boxes what would this person think and be if they time travled to today, would they see stuff that they created, discovered or wrote still remaining today. For this assignment I choose a very famous chinese doctor named Li shizhen, he is the father of traditional chinese medicine. Renaissance man and women were people with many talents or areas of knowledge, mostly it happened during the dark ages.

I think that this person was very intelligent and did lots of things to help everyone but I don’t think that he changed the world on his own because in the past there were also many famous doctors that found out a lot too. He also learned from the boks that were written by other doctors and learned in the beginning, also he learned a lot about how to take peoples pulse from his father and grandpa who helped people in the country. During his research he also found out more about the humans pulse and wrote a book about the¬†Study of the Pulse.¬†But I think that maybe the life after him were all changed by him because all of the medicines he found out about then are mostly still used today but the doctors now just added a few more things to make it taste better and easier to eat like changing them into pills. A lot of counties still use traditional chinese medicines like Japan. He was also to be considered as the greatest naturalist of China, he also discovered that some fruits can be made into medicine and other plants and vegetables. The long encyclopedia ” Ben Cao Gang Mu” (śú¨ŤćČÁļ≤Áõģ)he wrote helped and promoted a lot of doctors and people today and back then. He was the one who found out about the medicines that we call šł≠ŤćĮ in Chinese.¬†šł≠ŤćĮ is one of the most common traditional Chinese medicines that are used in the pass and today.

One of his books








I think that Li Shizhen is great because of who he is and because of when he was born. Since he was born in the Ming dynasty which is about a few hundred years ago from now I am glad he appeared because if he did not I think that most of the medicines and knowledge today would not exist or get discovered more later. People that lived through his years and our years learned from him and made the discoveries and got ideas to make them better. I like Li shizhen for who he is too because he is caring, smart, intelligent, knowledgable and a risk-taker, he did not use other people for his tests with the new discoveries of medicine and other healing herbs instead he risked his own life to test them on himself. When he sees poor people suffer and don’t have money to pay him he will often heal them for free.

Doctors today still uses his discoveries

The sources I used when researching were:

Tech digital story reflection

In this unit we learned about how to create a creative and interesting digital story. We also learned about lots of new ways to create the story such as Prezi and photo peach. So then we each chose a source to study more about then at the end share our findings in small groups. We taled about the question how can we use media to communicate our stories and came up with lots of different ideas such as silent film, cartoon and commercial.

My answers:


The design cycle








To create our very own digital story we first started off with using a planning sheet that was also marked on. It helped us organized our plans to making the story, such as which sources we are going to use to create it and what kind of story would be interesting to make about. When creating we followed the steps in the design cycle, Investigate, plan, create and evaluate.

During the investigation time we looked at other peoples digital storys to get an idea of how it is done. Then we had discuss about what makes a digital story interesting and valuable. We looked and tried different the different sources we could use to create the story. After we finished investigating we started planning, in this step we listed the sources we could use and chose the best three and wrote why we chose them. We listed 5 or more ideas for storys then also chose our best three and filled in who is our target audience, how would you present and possible tool to use then chose our best one. The we finally got to the create part, in this step is when we start creating our digital story. We first wrote a schedule of when we are going to film and edit and all that stuff. For my tools I chose keynote and doozla, but I ended up changing it to imovie and doozla because keynote was a little bit more confusing than I thought. At first I was planning to just create mine like a drama with like acting but then I found out that it won’t work because I can’t find a good day to film and it takes more than just one day to film and get everybody so I changed it to still photos and only some parts are short films. Through out I changed a lto because I discovered more and thought of more and I ended up being pretty happy with what I got.

In class when we showed our storys I was impressed with all of my classmates work and I discovered and learned a lot that If I could do this again I would change this part and that part in my story. Everyones was really good that I felt like I did nto want to show mine but we still had to. If I could do this again I want to add more cool effects and maybe have more clear images. For next year maybe they should first let the students have a practice at filming and creating a short video first before they start the real one so that they have more experience when creating their real one. Overall I had lots of fun in this unit I love creating movies and videos and looking at them at the end. I am also looking forward to my next unit.  XD


Please enjoy watching!

My Visual Journal

During this unit I think that I improved on my designing skills because at the beginning of the unit I did not have almost any creative ideas for layout and drawings but throughout the unit I learned a lot of ways to layout my pages and what is the most eye catching thing when a human’s eyes looks at. As I looked at more examples of other artist’s drawing and I noticed that if you have a drawing or picture that you want to focus on on the side of the page it catches eye attention more than the middle of the page.

My strengths when I was doing my visual journal was my different fonts and design/layout because I used different types of fonts that I thought would match what we did on that day and a color to match it. I thought my writing and fonts were good because it is understandable and same time not boring. I also thought my design and layout was good because I didn’t just put something big in the middle like I used to do but instead for example one of the days I put only one drawing really big on the side then the writing half on top of it on the opposite side. I also liked how I used my colors because It was outstanding and a match for each day, when I matched colors together I first matched them out on another paper to see if the colors look good with each other because sometimes two colors look really bad with each other such as yellow and brown to me. I think that my weaknesses were one the first day page because I did not think of anything and just put stuff on randomly and it ended up a bad idea because everything had to end up a little bit squashed up. So next time I will first maybe plan everything out lightly with a pencil especially the first day because it is the first thing you write on the notebooks so I usually don’t think and get excited. Also maybe on one of my pages is too blank so I could fill up that space that is left with something instead.

But I really think that I improved a lot than before in layout, design, colors and font/writing. Before I would always write my writing either on the top or bottom then stick pictures sideways all over the page. Overall I had really fun learning new techniques that I never thought about and looking at different types of drawing , fonts and design. If we did another visual journal next year I think that it will be much more interesting and better than this years on

Koto Practice for our new song Taka

We have just started to learn a new song named Taka. I am playing Koto 2 in this song with 6 other people. This is a video of me practicing some parts of the song. I think that the recording did not go as well as I was just normally practicing because I was videoing and it made it kind of hard to concentrate. It is also hard to play a long part at once when videoing because if you make one or two big mistakes towards the end or middle you need to re-start videoing again. I would love to see the difference when we become good at playing this song and this practice video.

I know I am not very good now but I will improve after lots more practice.

This is my video

Un día típico

Hola Me llamo Lucy , los lunes el tiempo pasa muy r√°pido.¬†A las nueve y cuarto de la ma√Īana tengo¬†educaci√≥n f√≠sica. En la clase de educaci√≥n f√≠sica nos¬†aprender todo tipo de deportes, tal como¬†f√ļtbol y¬†baloncesto. Despu√©s a las once y cinco tengo arte, en la clase de arte estudiamos diverso¬†artistas y tipos de arte. Luego en ¬† ¬† ¬†tenemos la clase de ciencias. En la clase de ciencias¬†que hacer un mont√≥n de experimentos divertidos y emocionantes. Despu√©s de la clase de ciencias¬†almorzamos.¬†Luego, en la tarde tenemos clases espa√Īolas y la clase de Ingl√©s. En espa√Īol se aprende mucho vocabulario nuevo y las palabras, que es bastante emocionante.¬†cuando voy a Ingl√©s tengo que traer un l√°piz, pluma, libro y cuaderno. En la clase de ingl√©s¬†aprendemos a escribir ensayos, la gram√°tica y escribir de manera informal y formalmente.¬†por lo que estas son las clases que tengo el lunes.¬†¬°Hasta luego!

England And India

In humanities we are finishing up the unit Empires and this is our last project. We needed to research about England and one of it’s colonies and I am researching about England and India.Then we make a slide show and put it on VoiceThread and do a voice over. For the pictures we used we used CC search (Creative Commons).

This is my finished presentation ūüėÄ


Mi escuela y yo

In spanish class we have been learning lots of new words and verbs. We are given some questions to practice our verbs and words. Here are the Questions and my answers they might have mistakes.


1. ¬ŅA qu√© hora vas a la escuela?

2. ¬ŅCuando van t√ļ y tus amigos(as) a la cafeter√≠a ?

3. ¬ŅAd√≥nde vas despu√©s de la clase de espa√Īol?

4. ¬ŅVas mucho a la oficina del (de la) director(a)?

5. ¬ŅAd√≥nde vas cuando tienes que estudiar?

6. ¬ŅQu√© hay dentro de tu mochila?


1. Voy a la escuela a las ocho y media.

2. Mis amigas y yo vamos a la cafetería a las un quince.

3. Voy a la clase de ciencias despu√©s de la clase de espa√Īol.

4. No, voy a la oficina del director.

5. Voy a la biblioteca cuando estudio.

6. En mi mochila hay lápices, plumas, papel y libros.