My Visual Journal

During this unit I think that I improved on my designing skills because at the beginning of the unit I did not have almost any creative ideas for layout and drawings but throughout the unit I learned a lot of ways to layout my pages and what is the most eye catching thing when a human’s eyes looks at. As I looked at more examples of other artist’s drawing and I noticed that if you have a drawing or picture that you want to focus on on the side of the page it catches eye attention more than the middle of the page.

My strengths when I was doing my visual journal was my different fonts and design/layout because I used different types of fonts that I thought would match what we did on that day and a color to match it. I thought my writing and fonts were good because it is understandable and same time not boring. I also thought my design and layout was good because I didn’t just put something big in the middle like I used to do but instead for example one of the days I put only one drawing really big on the side then the writing half on top of it on the opposite side. I also liked how I used my colors because It was outstanding and a match for each day, when I matched colors together I first matched them out on another paper to see if the colors look good with each other because sometimes two colors look really bad with each other such as yellow and brown to me. I think that my weaknesses were one the first day page because I did not think of anything and just put stuff on randomly and it ended up a bad idea because everything had to end up a little bit squashed up. So next time I will first maybe plan everything out lightly with a pencil especially the first day because it is the first thing you write on the notebooks so I usually don’t think and get excited. Also maybe on one of my pages is too blank so I could fill up that space that is left with something instead.

But I really think that I improved a lot than before in layout, design, colors and font/writing. Before I would always write my writing either on the top or bottom then stick pictures sideways all over the page. Overall I had really fun learning new techniques that I never thought about and looking at different types of drawing , fonts and design. If we did another visual journal next year I think that it will be much more interesting and better than this years on

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