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What is Internationalism and Good sportsmanship?

In PE class our class has been playing international football. International football is where players from all over the world come to play together with their rules combined. In the past few weeks we learned the rules of  Gaelic Football and got to change some of the rules and played it our own way.

This is a video I found that repersents excellent sportsmanship. Please watch carefully then you can see what happened.


Since this is not in english it was hard to understand what was happening in game at first but if you watch it again you could understand very well since the sportsmanship in this part of the game is really interesting.

At first I just though that the red goalie fell and at the end of the game all the players including the other team went to help and comfort the goalie, but then I realized something else. When the goalie fell, the Yellow team could of scored. Not all the players noticed the goalie but one of the Yellow team players noticed, but he didn’t score instead he went to the ball and kicked it out of bounds and went to help the goalie.

I don’t know a lot about football if they need to kick the ball out or not but I know that a lot of people will pertend they didn’t see the player on the floor and score a goal or keep on playing. I thought that the Yellow team player that kicked the ball out was honest and had good sportsmanship thats why I chose to share this video. I hope you all can learn and understand something from it. 😀


To me internationalism means supporting and understanding different cultures from all over the world. I think that internationalism is important because we all learn from each other weather it is either good or bad. For example the Olympics is a very good chance for the nations who were once enemies to come together without violence and play sports, not only Football but other sports like swimming, basketball, running and volleyball.

Why does the world want to play together? 

The world plays together to have fun, forgetting all the past focus on the future. Everyone wants a peaceful life but if war is the idea to get wealth hundreds will die. Thats why we play, share, suport and love, these are much better ways to live.


Overall I think that both internationalism and good sportsmanship are very important because it will make a huge difference to the game. In this unit I had lots of fun playing international football with the rules we combined ourselfs with my class because I got to understand how wonderful the world is and wished the people from the past had a chance to be in our world.

Atoms, Compounds & Mixtures

  • What is an atom? Describe the different parts and state where they can be found in an atom

Atoms are the extremely small particles of which we and everything around us, are made. /Atoms are the                  “building blocks” of all matter and are the simplest form of molecule. They are all made up of protons, neutrons and electrons.

  • What is an element? Give three examples of an element and give a use in the real world for each of these elements

A element, is a material which cannot be broken down or changed into another substance using chemical means.

Examples of elements are: Na/ Sodium, Mg/magnesium, O/oxygen

  • What is a molecule? Give three examples of a molecule and give a use in the real world for each of these elements                                

Examples of a molecule: FE/iron, Cr/chromium, S/sulfur

  •  What is a compound? Give three examples of a compound and give an use for each one

Examples of a compound: Co/cobalt, No/nitric oxide, UO3/Uranium oxide

  • What is a physical change? Give an example

For a physical change, it is still the same chemical or substance. No mass is lost.

Example, A physical change occurs when there has been a change in state such as ice to water.

  • What is a chemical change? Give a few different examples

A chemical change occurs when a new chemical or substance is formed, dissolving salt in water, burning wood, mixing acid and base, digesting food.

For example: Magnesium + Hydrochloric Acid = Hydrogent

No mass is lost in a chemical reaction.