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My best speech

In drama we are on our speech unit, we have done two speeches in total. The first speech we did is about what we like. the second speech is a given topic speech where we had 5 topics to choose from, which are Holiday, best day of your life, Fashion, celebrity and my neighborhood.

The speech I think that I liked and did more better on was the frist speech, because it was about something I enjoy so I knew a lot about it and so it was easier to memorize what to say. Although the second speech we had palm cards I still thought the first speech was more easier to do and more of a success.

Here is my frist speech which is the 1 min speech

I think that I did a good job on speaking loud so my volume was good and clear enough for the audience to hear and understand me, I also had a happy expression so that wasn’t bad. But I should be more careful of not to fiddle around with things like my scarf that I had on and also to look at the audience. Although I did look at the audience but there were lots of times where I was looking somewhere else. So I think that I should improve on my posture, standing still but with a few gestures. Also I think at parts I spoke too fast so I need to watch out for my pace and pauses next time.


This is the given topic speech, my 2nd speech

For this speech we had to speak longer, the other speech was only 1 min but this time it was 3 min. During this speech we could use palm cards but our topics were given, we were given 5 topics to choose from. For this speech I had to research a lto and most parts were hard to memorize. I didn’t have much gestures and facial expressions but my posture was better than my first speech because I wasn’t fiddling much. This speech was much harder because we had to speech for 3 min and it was of a topic that wasn’t anything we wanted. I should improve on my pauses and inflection more because sometimes I didn’t have pauses and sometimes my pauses were too long. Also I need to improve eon these things because it will help my speech be more catchy and memorable and better.


Another student’s speech that  I thought was  caught my attention well

I thought that my class mate Aruna’s 1 min speech was really good, because she had lot’s of gestures, her volume was good, pace was good and she paused when she needed to. Although I thought she was moving around too much and needed to look at the audience more, but I thought her speech was great because it was catching peoples attention and very interesting.

Here is her speech

Overall, in this unit I learned many ways of how to make your speech be memorable and interesting. With the elements in a good speech, tone, pace, gesture, facial expressions, structure, pause, information and so on. I think that these elements will definitely help me in the future, in occasions like making a presentation, speech or acting. I really enjoyed this unit because it made me more confident than before and expanded my knowledge.