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Koto Raden

In music class we have been working on a piece called Raden and here is a video of me playing a part of part 2 in the piece. This part that I am playing is one of the difficult parts of Raden(C-D) so I am hoping to see some improvement in myself playing this song by the time of the concert in December.

Here is the video:


The definition of poetry

In english class we started our new unit on poetry. On this blog post we are to write 2 of our own definitions of poetry, one in a poetic form and the other in prosaic form.

Definition (prosaic):

Poetry is a writing that formulates a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience and arranged to create a specific emotional response using literature such as figurative language and rhythm. Often quite short, but can tell ones feelings and thoughts in just a few lines.

Definition (poetic):

Poetry can be a story

it can be an art

it can be a picture

it can also be a song

poetry is your heart


The differences between the two is that prosaic form is more direct and poetic form makes you think about things more deeply. You would probably use the two forms in different situations, in an essay you could use either on them depending on your topic, now days we don’t really use poem in everyday life so if you are poetic in a normal conversation it would be a little strange.




Drama elevator scene reflection

8C Drama: Elevator Scene (2013) from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

I think think that I got unfocused and laughed at times, but I tried to keep my facial expression into the scene as possible. Since my character was similar to Julia’s character it made it a bit hard to show my character because the main difference is that my character doesn’t go aboard on flights and Julia’s does. I think that if we brought more props it would of made it easier to show our characters but also adding a bit more tone to the voice could of helped to. Since my character didn’t know the other characters that well I tried to make my voice more polite rather than using a tone that I would use with friends. I also think that I didn’t have so much facial expression which made it seem unrealistic or having a totally off character actions and facial expression.
The spacing of our group was not so bad because we organized where everyone would stand in the practices to match our character. Julia and I were a similar character so we talked to each other more than my character did to Alex and Justin. Everyone was remembering not to face your back to the audience which I thought went quite well.
I think that next time I need to go into the scene more to focus and not losing focus by the audience and mistakes in the scene, this will improve my acting much more. Overall I think that next time we should use our time more wisely by planning things out, also while acting to keep in character (personality, background story, appearance) and not to get unfocused with mistakes while going.