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What we can tell from this primary source

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From the observation, it is clear that this is a receipt which was used to confirm that the person bought a slave. This receipt was signed in a shop called Petty & Sawyers at a small and old town, Malilo, Zambia, in South Africa on May 10th, 1864. The cost of the slave was $4000, the slave was named Frances, it is written on the receipt that the payment was for a dark skinned slave. This receipt is from the time when the white people were unfair to the dark  skinned people and treating them as a slave. Looking at this receipt, it was a common thing for the time.

Persuasive speech reflection

In drama class we have been looking at persuasive speeches, we did a few exercises which helped us learn how to make a good persuasive speech. After a few of these discussions we were to make our own 3~4min persuasive speech and share in front of the class. I decided to make a speech about why you shouldn’t litter. My aim was to try to persuade people mainly little kids and people around my age not to litter.
Here is my speech:

8C Drama: Persuasive Speeches from YIS Arts on Vimeo.


1. Modulation (volume, pitch, pace, pause, projection, emphasis and inflection)

I think that my volume was not so bad because it was loud enough for the audience to hear, but I think that it would be better if I spoke a bit more louder since my voice was not as clear as how I usually talk. I probably got a bit nervous so my voice was a bit shaky some times. My speech was below 3 minutes which was not what I expected because when I timed myself during my practice it went over 3 minutes, listening to my speech I think that I started to speak a bit too fast. I did have a few mini pauses but I think I needed a few more to keep a good pace. I think that I used tone quite well, I raised my voice and lowered my voice when I thought I needed to.


2. Physicality (posture, gesture, facial expression; use of palm card)

The posture part is the part where I need to work on more. I was sort of moving side to side throughout the speech, but I think that the way I held my palm card was good because I did not hold it too high up. I tend to look at my palm card many times even though I actually don’t really need to. I tried to use some gestures which I thought was good but it would be better if I put my left arm down by my side after because it looks a bit strange and when I forget I fiddle with the palm cards a bit. I used many facial expressions, like when I was saying something really serious I tried to make a more straighter face. I was smiling quite a lot but maybe it is not so suitable for this type of speech.


3. Content (structure, information, relevance to topic, persuasive language and tone)

I think the content and the type of language I used is best for people my age or a bit younger which was my aim. I liked the structure of my speech, first I had a few questions to start my speech, then most of the facts and information, then solutions, a few things to leave the audience to think about and then a quote to end the speech.

Strengths and weakness
1.My strength was probably my tone I think that it was much better than my other past speeches.
2.My weakness was probably not fluent on what I was going to say, so next time I should memorize the speech more.

There were many good speeches, the speeches that I thought was captivating was Maya and Julia’s speech, I couldn’t choose between them so I will just talk about both. Maya looked at the audience a lot, her voice was loud and clear and she had facial expressions to match what she was saying. Although her body was also sort of moving side to side a lot, her performance seemed very well organized. Julia had great gesture throughout her whole speech and and tone in her voice along with facial expressions too. Julia moved back and forth a few times and also fiddled with her hair a few times, but I think that her content was really good and persuasive.
Here is Maya’s speech:

8C Drama: Persuasive Speeches from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Here is Julia’s speech: