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Informercial reflection

In the last few drama classes we got into groups of four and were to create a informercial on useless objects. My group’s product was 3D glasses without lenses.  First we looked at a few real informercials and discussed about them, including what tricks they use to convince people.Our aim of this was to try to convince people into buying a useless product.

Here is our video:

8C Drama: Infomercials3 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Our product is 3D glasses without lenses. Our target audience is for anyone who likes watching movies. Our language was easy to understand for everyone and we also had sean watching TV at the beginning.

We had a quite simple structure. We started our informercial with someone watching TV then a the person introducing the product comes out and asks a few questions. In the middle we had two reviewers and then a ending by telling the price and dial number. I think that we could have rehearsed more to make it look more fluent. We didn’t practice much with the gestures and facial expressions, we mostly focused on what we were saying so we should give each other a bit of feedback because we don’t really know what our informercial will actually look until the final video.

We used quite a lot of purr words such as, convenient, comfortable, stylish and light. My group was also the only one in the class who used a jingle in the background and I feel like it makes our whole informercial more exciting and catchy. We used $15.99 as our price, the reason we didn’t make it $16 was because the 99 at the end normally makes people think it is cheap when it is actually not much cheaper. I was one of the reviewers in our informercial and I talked about how convenient it was and that it is very stylish which fits with any outfit. My review was more to convince a bit more younger aged people and Caycee’s review was more to people who are around middle age or above. I started off my review with “awesome!” since it would give the audience a thought about what exactly is awesome and wanting to hear more. We also tried to exaggerate what we were saying to make it more convincing which is what most informercials would do.

My best skill was probably  my voice because I put a few tones while speaking to make it interesting, sounding happy cause we need to be positive about our product. Also I remembered to have a few pauses which I was happy about because I usually speak a bit to fast or make the pauses to short.

I should improve on  my facial expression because I didn’t really change my facial expression, it was straight pretty much the whole time, so probably could have put a more joyful look.

8C Drama: Infomercials4 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Another group which was captivating was Arunansu’s group because they put a bit of humor into their informercial to made it feel like it is more worth the time to watch it, but also they added well tone to their voices also with gesture. They also used many purr words and repeated the important parts which made it persuading.