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Goal setting

Step 1: Identifying strengths and areas for improvement



Example: I work well with others

Work well in small groups

Help others

Study test

Areas for improvement:

Example:  I need to pay more attention in class

Try to finish more in class

Communicating with more people

Participate more in class discussions

not getting distracted

Step 2: Organizing the information


1.  work well in smaller groups 1.  Try finishing more in class


2. Study for tests                2. Communicating with more people


3. Listens to opinions               3. Not getting distracted too much

Step 3: Identifying my goals

Goal #1:

Over the next semester, I want to be able to use more kanji when writing japanese essays.


Goal #2:

Over the next semester, I want to be able to improve how I use punctuation.


Goal #3:

Over the next semester, I want to be able to get less distracted during class so I could finish more work during class than finishing it for homework.


Step 4: Developing strategies to achieve my goals and ways of measuring them to know if I have achieved them.

Goal# 1:

To achieve this goal I will … (these are my strategies)

  1. Remembering how to read the kanji

  2. Understanding the meaning

  3. Try to use kanji for the all the words i have learned


1. Understand when and what each punctuation is used for.

2. Using them more in writings

3. Get help if i’m not sure


1. Focusing more on my work than looking around

2. Try not having other things open that could distract me

3. not getting off topic

I will know I have reached my goal when…

  • These are how I will measure whether I have achieved it

-For goal 1, when I see my essays filled with more kanji

-For goal 2, when I compare my work to older ones and see a different level in my writing.

-For goal 3, when I don’t need to finish so much class work at home and only homework at home.

Step 4: Developing strategies

Goal # 1: To achieve this goal I will…

Step 1

Test myself to see if I am able to read them

Step 2

Looking through my work to see if there are any more words that could be written in kanji

Step 3

try using as much as I can

I will know that I have reached my goal when . . .

It feels like…

I am using more kanji efficiently

It sounds like…

I am able to read all that we have learned

It looks like….

I can use various kanjis

Goal # 2: To achieve this goal I will…

Step 1

Understanding what the use for each punctuation

Step 2

Ask if i’m not sure

Step 3

Use them during my writing more

I will know that I have reached my goal when . . .

 It feels like…

I understand when they are used


It sounds like…

I am confident in using them

It looks like….

I am using them throughout my writing correctly

Goal # 3: To achieve this goal I will…

Step 1

Concentrate on my own thing

Step 2

Not talking about off topic things too much during class

Step 3

Setting a goal for how much I need to complete to at least

I will know that I have reached my goal when . . .

 It feels like…

I’m working efficiently during class

It sounds like…

I not getting of topic

It looks like….

I dont need to complete so much outside of class

4 criteria Summary

Inquiring and analyzing:

Explain and justify the needs. By doing this, it can help you understand what you will be doing. Last year I sometimes didn’t gather enough and I information comes to me throughout the project, or I gather a lot and some ends up not useless and hard to organize.

Developing ideas:

Developing and planning ideas, drawings and diagrams. I like this part the most so I spent more time on this section, but at the end I wished I spent a bit less time on drawing things out neatly, perfectly and added more time in other sections where I needed it.

Creating the solution:

Show the changes made and construct a logical plan. In this section you would basically make your design. Record what I have been doing with pictures is one of the things we did last year.


Reflect on your final product. Explain about your process, the success and how it could be improved.