4 criteria Summary

Inquiring and analyzing:

Explain and justify the needs. By doing this, it can help you understand what you will be doing. Last year I sometimes didn’t gather enough and I information comes to me throughout the project, or I gather a lot and some ends up not useless and hard to organize.

Developing ideas:

Developing and planning ideas, drawings and diagrams. I like this part the most so I spent more time on this section, but at the end I wished I spent a bit less time on drawing things out neatly, perfectly and added more time in other sections where I needed it.

Creating the solution:

Show the changes made and construct a logical plan. In this section you would basically make your design. Record what I have been doing with pictures is one of the things we did last year.


Reflect on your final product. Explain about your process, the success and how it could be improved.

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