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In design class, we have been working on our own Public service Announcements. My topic I chose to talk about is Lack of sleep.

Design brief: Today, many people have a problem of not getting enough sleep. According to my survey, 99% of the people said they do not get enough sleep. Although it is mainly students and people at work, but also many other people because of the use of electronic devices is keeping us awake. I surveyed people asking them, “what keeps you awake?”, many answered homework, others answered technology. Many people may say that lack of sleep is bad but not many people do things to fix the habit. Getting enough sleep is very important, when your body does not get enough sleep everyday, it will cause you to collapse sometime. Especially for students, students are in the time where they are still growing and lack of sleep can affect your growing. So to get people more aware of this problem, I am going to try to create a PSA which will be less than a minute, with a few causes, a solution, and a few other information on health. I am aiming to make it less than a minute because from my PSA critiques I saw that the ones longer than a minute start to get boring after around 1 minute.

Here is my PSA: