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STICH event – Speech on friendship

On April 10th 2015, I participated in the STICH event which was held by Student council, where I was given the opportunity to give a speech in front of teachers and students. Our speeches were to be around 5 min and was on any topic we wanted.

After deciding to sign up for the event, I spent a long time thinking about what to talk about, although we were free to choose our topic, it was important to choose a topic that I was actually interested in, and is interesting for the audience. I came across many topics I could talk about, such as recycling, gender equality, and food. Then I landed on the topic of friendship. I have heard many speeches about topics such as recycling, gender equality, health and global issues, but it is not so often I hear speeches about how people feel about friendship although it is an important part of your life. My friends are very important to me, which is one of the reasons why I chose this topic.

I really like sharing my ideas and presenting my opinions, but I am usually very shy speaking in front of many people, so it took courage for me to speak. I was very nervous before I got on stage so I was practicing my lines over and over until I thought I was quite ready, but once I got on stage I was not as nervous but my mind went completely blank for a minute, I completely forgot what I was planning to say. I was panicking inside but I started to speak anyway, I did look at my notes for reminders but most of the speech was not quite like what I planned.

I thought that this event was a good experience because I will definitely be doing various speeches throughout my life again, which made this a great chance to practice my speech skills in front of a larger audience. As well as being more confident in presenting my ideas and have many people just focusing on myself.

While I was doing the speech, I was also noticing other people’s reactions towards what I was saying. I felt like the audience was able to get what I was saying, and relate to their selves. Since my speech was on a topic which is quite personal to me, I felt nervous talking about how I felt and was also a little concerned about what people would think about what I was saying. However, I learned that If you talk about something you actually care about, something that actually matters to you, and interests you, the audience will immediately be engaged in your speech and feel like it is worth listening to you speak.