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Healthy Habits

From the time I started till now, I can really feel the big change, I have definitely become stronger. Running has become a part in my daily routine and one of the most important ones as well. Running has taught me, and made me understand quite a few important tips for health and life.

  • There is no secret in success so you get out what you put in.
  • Learn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable.
  • Run with your head up, stay positive.
  • For a teenage girl, you need at least 30 min of exercise every day.
  • Exercise such as running can help you sleep better. I have noticed this, I am not as tired in the morning and I sleep the whole night without waking up.
  • At least 7 hours of sleep will help repair your body.
  • Your body starts repairing from 11:30 pm.
  • Running helps you release stress.
  • You always need a rest. Running too much is not good, at least a one day rest will help your body recover.
  • Running is something you need to to continue. Like many things, to meet an aim, doing it once or twice will not help.
  • If you don’t continue to practice, your improvements will disappear, you will have to start where you began again.
  • Setting a small goal every time worked for me.
  • Beating YOUR personal best.

Just this on thing can make a big impact on you. You just need at least 30 min of every day to move around, and can make a difference to your health.

Some people may find it hard to exercise depending on the season, most likely during summer and winter. Don’t worry I know just how you feel. In the winter I do not want to get out of the house because it is so cold and during the summer I do not want to get out because it is too hot. During these two seasons it is nice to have a gym near your house. While during spring I like to take a run outside because there is always a nice view and it is very calming to run in the fresh air. I look forward to Autumn the most because I have cross country which means I get to go for a run with a big group which is always more motivating and fun.

This is what my running schedule looks like, and I try to stay with this schedule. Although, there are weeks where I have to change things around depending on school work and other activities.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 9.50.22 AM







“I smile when I run, because I know that I don’t have to”-John Bingham

I love this quote because it is true. Running has become one of my hobbies.

Practice Of Activity

The first activity season in grade 9, I decided to join cross country. I have always liked to run before but did not really bother to make it something I would actually go and do every day.  Joining cross country has motivated me to continue the practice of running. From after the season finished, I set a goal for myself of going for a run, at least three times a week, and daily during breaks. This was not as easy as it seems! In the first month, I was struggling because practices at school were always with a big group or with friends, but now I have to continue by myself which was hard at first. The first few times I went for a run, my mom ran with me, but I knew I had to continue by myself because my mom would not always have time to come with me. When the new year of 2015 came, that was when I really started getting active and eager to be able to get to this goal. New year, new me! During practices, I realized that I felt good when I am running but feel even better when I am finished. There was one week I didn’t go running, and I did not feel energetic as when I went running. Which is the opposite to how I felt when I started to run because in the start I always felt tired. I knew that this meant I was improving, becoming more fit in running.

Here is a few of my spring break practices:

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 9.02.41 PM







Now I am in the middle of 10th grade, this year I joined cross country again. I was really excited for the cross country season, not as nervous as last year because I gained more confidence with running from the time I started my running practices. This year I also got to take part in the varsity runs, which I thought was really exciting. Although I am still eager to improve my time. When I was comparing my results from 9th grade to 10th grade, I saw that my first times were always slower. As you can see, my final run in 9th grade was 16min40sec, my first run in 10th grade was 17min26sec. I was almost 1min slower! Therefore, I knew I had to get back on track. Although only a slight improvement, I did succeed in the end. Now that going for a run has become a routine for me, I would definitely want to continue this healthy habit even after high school.

Grade 9 cross country times                   Grade 10 cross country times

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 12.32.35 AM

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 8.36.57 PM






HS girls team photo

cross country october 2015 (5 of 11)-XL










Summer school volunteer

During the summer between grade 9 and grade 10, I volunteered in the YIS summer school program. I was assigned to be an assistant for Mr. McKeown in middle school math and Ms. Elaine in kindergarten. My schedule from Monday to Friday for two weeks was getting to school in the morning, and helped the middle school students with math, then ate lunch, after lunch I have a 1-hour free time where I would just read a book somewhere, then run out to play with the little kids when they finished eating, enjoyed the rest of the afternoon with the kindergarten class.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 10.21.28 AM

I felt really awkward the first day, especially during the recess of the kindergarten. I didn’t know any of the kids so I felt worried about going up to them because I wasn’t sure if they would be scared of me and if they wanted to play with me, I didn’t know how to approach them. I saw a little girl who was playing by herself so I decided to go up to her, I asked her her name and introduced myself, she was very shy at first but I could see that she felt more comfortable when I introduced myself, she grabbed my hand and wanted me to play with her. Having a younger brother benefited me because I have some experience interacting with kids and so I was able to get along with them and the kids seemed to really like me. Throughout the volunteer, I interacted with them more and by the end of the week, I was surrounded by them. I could see that they were excited to be there every day; I looked forward to every day too.

The middle school math class was a completely different experience from the kindergarten. I found it harder interacting with the middle school kids because most of them were only 1 or 2 years younger than me. Also, math is not my strength so I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to answer their questions, but Mr. McKeown told me that it is perfectly fine if I didn’t know the answer, even as a teacher, because teachers don’t always know everything as well. This made me feel less worried and understand that everyone can be everyone’s teacher, even if it is a subject that you are very confident in, there will always be new things to learn.



This was a meaningful experience, I was able to put myself in the shoes of a teacher. I had a mixture of feelings during the first few days, I felt worried that the students would not like me or if I wasn’t able to answer their questions, however, I was excited at the same time. This got better throughout the 2 weeks, I learned that it is ok to make mistakes and not know the answer to a question even if you are the teacher, I realised that once you start feeling comfortable and open up, the students will feel more comfortable around you and want to be with you as well. This learning can help me in other situations in the future where I have to meet new people and work with others.



Here is a video I put together of us having a great time!