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Reflection on Media Fair

For our final english unit of grade 10, students were to choose a topic and to examine the topic through the lens of at least 5 different text types. We presented our research by creating a poster and displayed them around the classroom. Yesterday, we had the media fair where we took turns presenting our posters to people of both classes. At the media fair, I went to 5 people’s presentation, 2 from our class and 2 from the other.

The first person I talked to was Alina, her poster was about “Stay at home dads“. She presented the perspectives of dads who stays at home taking care of kids through the text types, TV commercial, song lyrics, politica cartoon, books, magazine article, and canpain poster. In our discussion she talked about how the text types presented stereotypes and the perspective of gender roles, but also the message that they should deserve more recognition.

Caycee’s topic was on “Hafu” which refers to somebody who is mixed-race Japanese. She discussed this topic through the text types of documentary, poster, image, social media, and articles. It was interesting to find out how the perspective of “hafu” is positive from the Japanese point of view, and how the Japanese people believe in a common stereotypes for “hafu”. Although I think that it is unfair for the “hafu” because like caycee was saying, society expects all hafu to look completely gaijin(foreigner). So, it is unfair, as many hafu people feel as they don’t belong.

Margot talked about “Plus size models” through the text types of advertisments, poem, youtube, articles, poster, and movie. It was good to see that there are many positive perspectives as she discussed how the plus size is gradually being more socially accepted.

Erin explored “Cutural appropriation focus on Kylie Jenner” through the text types of youtube, twitter, instagram, news, talkshow, and magazine article. We all know that Kylie Jenner is famous, and I found it interesting how Erin mentioned, Kylie Jenner used her power to influence more and more people from her fashion statement, instead of using her power to influence people in other better areas. Kylie Jenner takes characteristics from cultures such as African Americans and uses them for fashion. I really like a quote she had on the poster “What would America be like if we loved Black people as much as we love Black culture?”.