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This year I was part of the Prom committee. The prom committee was in charge of planning and running the prom for the juniors and seniors which took place on May 26th, 2017. Our first meetings were during the fall of 2016, I was one of the first people to sign up for the group, but at that time we were short of members, therefore I was involved with gathering more people who may be interested in joining. It took about a month to become a big group we have now. Our real meetings where we actually started taking action towards the event started towards the end of 2016.

Before taking any action, we divided the big group into four main sub-groups – Business, Communications, Decorations, Tickets. Although we all have been part of giving advice and helping out for all these groups, these were the jobs we took most part in. The reason we decided to break up into specific groups was to make the management more organized. Business was in charge of financial calculations and making contacts with the venue, Communications was in charge of promotions, Decorations was in charge of choosing and ordering supplies, Ticket people were in charge of selling and keeping count of tickets. I was part of the communications group and was in charge of the senior video making.  The senior video is played at the end of prom night, featuring the seniors and moments during their last year.

Being in charge of the video meant I had to plan the days for filming, plan out what type of footage we needed to get, and contacting seniors. Prom committee created a Facebook page where we shared daily updates and communicated with each other outside of the meetings, this is also where most of our planning happens.

With the help of a few other members of the prom committee group, I was able to get good footage for the video. Organization was a big part of the video making, having organized files, I was able to quickly notice missing footage or mistakes, therefore, was also able to quickly have problems fixed. This was also very helpful during the process of putting the video together.

I actually don’t have much experience with video making so this was a challenging job for me, I also felt a bit worried because this video would be shown to more than a hundred people. I spent most of my weekends from the end of April to beginning of May working on the video.

Overall, being part of prom committee gave me the experiences behind holding a big event. During this process, I developed my management skills, which I think is a very valuable skill to continue developing because it will be useful for many occasions in the future, whether it is for work or just any situations in life requiring similar skills.

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  1. Thanks Lucy, for submitting this reflection. Your post meets the criteria for this category. I was happy to see the visual as well.

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