Self portrait painting

This Unit in art we have been looking at self portraits, last time we made a drawing of our selfs in pencil and shading but this time we painted it. We got to choose our very own background and design, It took a while to get ready to start the real thing but time pasted by fast. Before we started painting we needed to choose our color for the painting, we used the color wheel to help us choose our colors.


I think I did pretty well on my shading on the face and I like my brush strokes on my hair and background.


I need more work on making my nose look real and adding more details on my eyes.

 Here is a picture of what my finished work looks like.

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Art first unit, self portrait

Our first unit in art is about drawing ourselves which is called self portrait. We first learned how to draw the different parts of the face and different types of drawings one of them is called Contour drawing. We also learned about gradation and made a gradation scale for homework, gradation is shading from light to dark.For practices we drew our friends face and tried to draw realistic noses, mouth and eyes with shading.


We drew ourselves at least we tried to, we had mirrors to look at to draw ourselves this was like a test to how much we know before we did the final one. This is my first self portrait you can’t see it very well but you can see that there is no shading and everything looks like a cartoon.





We toke a photo of ourselves and used it to draw the final drawing. This picture of me looks weird I couldn’t resist laughing.



After all the practice we started our final drawings, first we drew lines to help us to draw where the eyes, mouth nose and ears go. After all the set up we drew our face it didn’t look good at the beginning but it started to look real, After all that hard drawing the fun part comes the shading! We had to watch carefully ant the brightness and darkness, not only on the face but also on the neck and our clothes.When we finished our portraits we looked back at our first try and we all laughed at our first drawings and saying stuff like I got so much better or I can’t believe I drew myself like that before. I realized that if we work on drawing ourselves taking a lot of time it would look great.