Rhythm performance

Now our drama unit is on creative movements and we made this rhythm performance in small groups of four.
Here is the video of my group performing.

Untitled from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

THanks for watching I hoped you enjoyed that 🙂

Talk 2 reflection

In our second speech in Drama we talked about a person that we know, a friend or person in our family. In this  speech I chose to talk about my little brother.

My strengths:

I think I did better at  changing my tone of voice than the first time I made my speech. This time I did not look at my cards as much as my first speech.

My weakness:

But the next time I do a speech I want to use more body movements and speak in a louder voice than this time.

I want to remember my lines more better.


Drama speech reflection

In Drama class we had a short speech about our hobbies or a thing we like to the whole class. We started planning this from about       2 weeks ago and we worked on it for homework and at class. We wrote note cards to remind us when we have no idea of what to say during the speech, but we mostly had to memorize it because the speech was very short. When I started my speech I was nervous and I had a little hard time to keep on talking and keeping my voice at the right speed. I had to look at my cards but only sometimes I tried to memorize the introduction and the conclusion.

What I should Improve for next time

1. the speed of my voice

2. Memorize most of the parts and look only at the cards a little bit

3. Have more body actions to make it look interesting



Drama videos, Ice Scream!

These are my videos from drama Please watch!

one word at a time story

6C Ice Scream 1 from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

Sound environment

6C Ice Scream 2 from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

Space jump

6C Ice Scream 3 from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

I think our group did a good job on the performances because we didn’t have time to practice so we had to use our imagination to create each performance together. But I think we could be a little more serious and not laugh while we are saying something and add some more better acting to the performances. Our group’s strengths was the speaking part it was clear and attractive.

If you liked the Ice Scream’s videos or thought it was funny please comment on this post Thank you!

Drama Unit 1 Improv

Significant Concept: Responding to an external stimulus, one needs to have immediate action where there is a suspension of thought.

Guiding Question: How can I stop hesitating and re-act without thinking?

Summative Task: Improv Theatre Sport
Students will engage in summative Improv Theatre Sport Event. 3 theater sport games will be chosen from 6 theater games practised during the unit. Students are divided in 3 teams. Each student has a sheet with rubric to record the minimum of 2 games joined.

•Be aware of dramatic instinct.
•The importance of the ensemble.

• Making an offer
• Accepting offers
• Giving the stage to others
• Move the action on (advancing)
• Creating a location