Podcast 1

In English we have been working on a podcast, we mad a podcast about our Sakura medal book that we finished reading. I read a book written by Mariane Malone, the tittle of the book is “The 68 Rooms”. We made the podcast on garage band. We all had a main focus in our podcasts, my focus was the character and setting.


How did having a real audience(family, friends and the whole world!) affect my speaking?

When I heard that everyone could listen to my podcast I got more nervous. I did this podcast pretty well I think because it is my first podcast ever! I spoke more louder and clear and with as much expressions as I can put in. While I was making the podcast I was thinking “If I made a mistake or did not speak loud and clear everyone will think I am a mouse, and that would be embarrassing so I did my best.

How did working with others help my learning?

When I worked with others it made making our podcasts more easier and faster. I realized that if we work as a team to create a good intro music and finish our podcast at the same time it will be much faster to finish. We worked in pairs to make our intro and outro, after we finished we voted for the best one. I think that working with others helped my creation because I can get different ideas.


What should I improve on next time?

The next time I make a podcast I will want to improve on having more experesion in my voice and I will try to speak more slowly and with no mistakes.