Field Studies 2012 some of the pics

Sorry , this post is a little bit too late but here is some photos from each day during

field studies at Northstar Nagano. 🙂

6 hour bus ride to Northstar…

corn soup from dinner!

The view from our window

Our room that did not have a toilet!






Making soba

The 6 hour hike route




Each day has a good memory to go with it.            I can’t wait until next years field studies.

The Delicious curry lunch

Happy friends 🙂

We are just in time for red leaves

Field studies Learner profile


Learner profile-Thinker 

Day 1                                                                                                                                          when we went Orienteering i was a thinker then because we had discuss in our groups and think about the riddles, questions and the right way to go, we used a compass to find the way. When we got to a big field we got a little lost most groups went the wrong way, but still found the way back.

Day 3                                                                                                                                              we went rock climbing on this day I was a thinker when we were climbing the wall since we need to decide what our next move on the wall is.

Learner profile-Risk taker

Day 2                                                                                                                                                   Today I was a risk-taker two times first is when I went canoeing because that day it was freezing cold and the water was ice cold and i did not want to fall in the water but there were strong winds and our canoe was shaking very much and once me and my partner almost fell but we saved ourself from falling so that was lucky. So on that day I was a risk-taker of canoeing in a freezing cold weather and lake.                                         The second time was mountain biking since I have never mountain biked before and i was afraid that there might be very steep hills and i have not rode my bike for a long time. But at the end i thought back the hills were not so bad and I never new I was pretty good at bike ridding.

Day 3                                                                                                                                                   Today was the most riscky for me The lake clean up is one and i know you are going to wounder why i thought that was riscky. It was because when we got to the lake and all got thirsty and asked if we could drink the lake water the lake was clean, cold and fresh but some of us wanted the water near the middle of the lake it was most clean there

Learner profile-Communicator

Day 1                                                                                                                                               Day one I was a communicator when we went Orienteering because we had to discuss about the compass and answer the questions and riddles that we were given when learning to use the compass.

Day 2                                                                                                                                                We went canoeing on this day and we needed to communicate with partner to canoe or we will bump into the shores and get stuck in branches, we need to communicate when rowing the canoe and going in different directions.

Learner profile-Inquirer

Day 1                                                                                                                                                    I was a inquirer today when we went orienteering because I asked questions about Hakuba and about the ski places there. We all asked things about the compass and the riddles and questions about Hakuba and the environment around here.

Day 3                                                                                                                                              On this day as i mentioned before was our mountain biking day I was a inquirer then because while we were ridding me and my friend asked lot’s of questions about evergreen and Hakuba and the country side since we were at the back and taking our time looking at the views the group always waited for us but the good part was we didn’t have to do this ridding in circles thing.


Learner profile-Principled

Day 1                                                                                                                                                  I was most principled this day because at our camp site we need to behave well so we won’t disturb other people at the Ever Green camp. Also to respect the nature,  to not run in our camp site and to be organized with ourselves.

I have actually been principled everyday because when we go out side I take responsibility for my own garbage and I don’t scream or shout or take loud and behave bad, I go on my best behavior a all times.



Field studies day 4

Day 4

Today is the hiking day we got to hike with the cute dogs one is named Teddy and the other is sky. Teddy and Sky would pull us when we got really tired, The hike was fun and it ended with a lovely curry lunch and we played lot’s of fun games that the evergreen people taught us. But we still needed to go down the mountains to our hotel.

Field studies the ice cold day 3

Day 3

At the lake clean up we drank the fresh cold lake water and played inside the lake to me it wasn’t a clean up at all it was a lake play time we played in the ice cold water and toke pictures of people. After that we had a barbecue lunch it was delicious we had yakisoba, chicken, sausages and macaroni salad.

Field studies the awesome day 2

Day 2

when we were half way to the end of bike ridding me and my friend Mimi got lost we looked back but there were no one there we looked in front there was no one there we didn’t know the way, then we saw this strange and creepy looking old lady who had a creepy voice and she kept on saying that way me and Mimi got really freaked out and we did not know what to do but luckly some other people past by too we asked them were lake Aokiko was, they pointed the same way the old lady said so we went that way but we got to the end of the rode it went two ways. But it was good that some of our friends realized we weren’t there and told the people who was leading the mountain bike riding and two of them came back looking for us. Me and Mimi ended up drinking the fresh and cold water from a small lake peacefully.

Field studies day 1

Day 1

The 17th of October was the first day of our trip to Hakuba. I woke up at 6:00 since i forgot that the time we needed to be at school was 6:45 which I thought was 7:45. We left school at 7:00 and got to our camp site about at around 1:00, we watched toy story 2 in the bus. After we got there some of us at lunch but bus 2 which was the bus i was on ate lunch in the bus while watching toy story 2.