书法 Calligraphy

I started learning calligraphy in 4th grade. That time I did not know about calligraphy, I was initially searching for an art class, but I discovered my current calligraphy classroom instead where the teacher introduced the art of traditional calligraphy to me. I decided to try out and soon fell in love with the feeling of using the traditional ink and brush to make beautiful and graceful strokes.

I really like traditional culture; I feel it is fading away, since a lot of younger generations don’t really enjoy it, but I really find it unique and interesting. The artform originally came from China of course, since kanji originated from China, and there’s a wide variety of character writing styles, but I am really interested in ancient characters styles.

In the past few years, I have participated in many calligraphy competitions and exhibitions, but I always entered in the childrens

During the summer of 2016, I spent 3 whole days writing an 800 character ancient script called 曹全碑 (Cao Quan Stele).

Cao Quan stele was made in the Han dynasty (185 AD) in memory of Cao Quan, a virtuous officer of the Han dynasty. The stele recorded Cao Quan’s life, his achievements as well as his ancestry. The Cao Quan Stele is considered as the prime example of Han clerical script and is known for its elegance and beauty.  The identity of the calligrapher, however, remains unknown.  The original stone is now stored in Xian’s Forest of  Stone Steles Museum. (Sources for this background information: and 

I am the first high school student ever to be recognized with first place honors by the Contemporary Calligrapher Association and the All Japan Shodo Federation in their annual calligraphy competition.

The judges spend months studying the entries, and I found out my results over winter break. My submission was displayed at the Tokyo Art Museum near Ueno Park.

I appreciate the relaxing atmosphere while writing.

I am honored to be recognized on a national level. I will keep trying hard in calligraphy and will be placed at a higher level in future competitions so I have to work hard to keep improving.