Town Through Time Map-Industrial revolution

Recently in humanities we have been working on a project called “Town Through Time-Industrial revolution”. In this project we were to draw  two maps , one of what the place looks like before the Industrial revolution and the other one after the Industrial revolution. But before that we had to research about what life was like before and after the Industrial revolution so it wasn’t that simple and easy.



My map of before the Industrial revolution.













My map of after the Industrial revolution.

Renaissance man Reflection

In humanities we are just starting our new unit, about the renaissance man and the dark ages. Our first assignment was to choose a renaissance man or women that you are interested in, research about them and write a comic book with 13-19 boxes. We also had to write for two or three boxes what would this person think and be if they time travled to today, would they see stuff that they created, discovered or wrote still remaining today. For this assignment I choose a very famous chinese doctor named Li shizhen, he is the father of traditional chinese medicine. Renaissance man and women were people with many talents or areas of knowledge, mostly it happened during the dark ages.

I think that this person was very intelligent and did lots of things to help everyone but I don’t think that he changed the world on his own because in the past there were also many famous doctors that found out a lot too. He also learned from the boks that were written by other doctors and learned in the beginning, also he learned a lot about how to take peoples pulse from his father and grandpa who helped people in the country. During his research he also found out more about the humans pulse and wrote a book about the Study of the Pulse. But I think that maybe the life after him were all changed by him because all of the medicines he found out about then are mostly still used today but the doctors now just added a few more things to make it taste better and easier to eat like changing them into pills. A lot of counties still use traditional chinese medicines like Japan. He was also to be considered as the greatest naturalist of China, he also discovered that some fruits can be made into medicine and other plants and vegetables. The long encyclopedia ” Ben Cao Gang Mu” (本草纲目)he wrote helped and promoted a lot of doctors and people today and back then. He was the one who found out about the medicines that we call 中药 in Chinese. 中药 is one of the most common traditional Chinese medicines that are used in the pass and today.

One of his books








I think that Li Shizhen is great because of who he is and because of when he was born. Since he was born in the Ming dynasty which is about a few hundred years ago from now I am glad he appeared because if he did not I think that most of the medicines and knowledge today would not exist or get discovered more later. People that lived through his years and our years learned from him and made the discoveries and got ideas to make them better. I like Li shizhen for who he is too because he is caring, smart, intelligent, knowledgable and a risk-taker, he did not use other people for his tests with the new discoveries of medicine and other healing herbs instead he risked his own life to test them on himself. When he sees poor people suffer and don’t have money to pay him he will often heal them for free.

Doctors today still uses his discoveries

The sources I used when researching were:

England And India

In humanities we are finishing up the unit Empires and this is our last project. We needed to research about England and one of it’s colonies and I am researching about England and India.Then we make a slide show and put it on VoiceThread and do a voice over. For the pictures we used we used CC search (Creative Commons).

This is my finished presentation 😀