Student lead conference – My favorite work in science

My favorite work that I did in science so far was the pig’s heart. We had to cut a pig’s heart in groups of 3 or 4 and after the heart cutting we needed to make a presentation with our groups. I liked making the presentation with my group, I thought that we had creative ideas for the presentation.



This is our presentation 😀






























































So this is my favorite piece of work.


Atoms, Compounds & Mixtures

  • What is an atom? Describe the different parts and state where they can be found in an atom

Atoms are the extremely small particles of which we and everything around us, are made. /Atoms are the                  “building blocks” of all matter and are the simplest form of molecule. They are all made up of protons, neutrons and electrons.

  • What is an element? Give three examples of an element and give a use in the real world for each of these elements

A element, is a material which cannot be broken down or changed into another substance using chemical means.

Examples of elements are: Na/ Sodium, Mg/magnesium, O/oxygen

  • What is a molecule? Give three examples of a molecule and give a use in the real world for each of these elements                                

Examples of a molecule: FE/iron, Cr/chromium, S/sulfur

  •  What is a compound? Give three examples of a compound and give an use for each one

Examples of a compound: Co/cobalt, No/nitric oxide, UO3/Uranium oxide

  • What is a physical change? Give an example

For a physical change, it is still the same chemical or substance. No mass is lost.

Example, A physical change occurs when there has been a change in state such as ice to water.

  • What is a chemical change? Give a few different examples

A chemical change occurs when a new chemical or substance is formed, dissolving salt in water, burning wood, mixing acid and base, digesting food.

For example: Magnesium + Hydrochloric Acid = Hydrogent

No mass is lost in a chemical reaction.




Science my food

Our First Unit in grade 7 science is about the things we eat. We did a few experiments to find out which of the foods, cheese, sugar, geletine and flour have the nutrients, fat, glucose, starch and protein. Then we chose our own food and did the same tests to find out which nutrients our food has. The food I chose was jelly beans, after the tests we needed to write up all the results and answer the questions on a document, it was our choice to make a poster or write it on the document I chose to create a poster. The whole task from experiment to poster creating it took about 1 week or less.