Tech Theme park tour

As you all know from my blog post of the theme park, we finished our creating our park. My group’s theme is Horror, so here is a simple tour around my groups section of the park. Here is the tour Enjoy!

Tech Fair game Evaluation

In tech class for the past few months we have been working on our unit “Fair Game”, our unit question is “What does cooperation and collaboration look like?” and the Significant concept “How we solve problems depends on the conditions of the environment and group dynamics”. During this unit our goal is to create a theme park using Minecraft. Minecraft is a app where you can build a world out of blocks. We get into groups of 4, with each of us having a responsibility in our groups area. The point of this unit is not just building a theme park but, like the unit question “What does cooperation and collaboration look like?” we need to work collaboratively, solving problems when building, getting ideas and being on time. When completing this project we went through the design cycle process, Investigate, plan, design, create, Evaluate. Now I am on the stage of Evaluate, where I need to evaluate the outcome.

Our first step is Investigate, in this step we had a lot of discussions about what collaboration and cooperation is and what is the difference between working independently and as a group. After these discussions we researched about the app Minecraft, such as how it is used, what it is capable of and how to play. After researching we listed ideas of buildings, my group and I are working of the theme Horror, so we found pictures of types of buildings that would be appropriate for this project. What I mean by appropriate is that the structure won’t be so hard to build that you spend the whole time making and matches with your theme.

For the design step every group drew maps of the layout of their park. Here is a photo of my groups best map.









The next step is to plan, during this step we started planning the process of building our park. We made a table and listed the due dates and starting points. Finally we came to the step where we start building, the step create is when we go to go on minecraft and start building.

When building we looked at our design specification which we made during the investigate step. Below is my design specification.

Design specification:

1.Most of our houses/mansions will look scary old victorian style, but some will be in different shapes such as grave stone, bone, skull or ghost.

2.The haunted house is going to be big with 3 or more floors.

3.The haunted mansions are going to be all different sizes but will have 2 or more floors.

4.To build the buildings we could use stone,  but instead of torches I thought we could use redstone because it is more darker and haunted looking,wood, black wool, glow stone and other colors of wool anything that has a dull color will be good for my theme Horror.

5.Using rails I am going to build a cart ride inside a haunted house.

6.I will be making a town that looks medieval but abandoned. I could put some zombies or scary statues.

7.I am building a graveyard with a tomb in the middle with aruna. A miller’s that has animals and a windmill. For the windmill I will be making it out of stone.

8.We need to make our structures as dark and dull scary as possible because it also needs to look haunted in day time. The problem is that the zombies and spiders , bats all disappear in daytime.

9. Use redstone for blood on the floor.

When building we had a few problems like the server lagging and not saving our work, this happened quite a few times and had to rebuild parts. On the last lesson someone put TNT all over our world and blew it up, so the construction we did during that lesson was all gone, but my group worked at home to complete our park. Otherwise there were no other big problems in my group, I thought my group worked really well together both creating and planing.

Here is a photo of my groups finished work.


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For this project my group broke up into two groups, my friend Aruna and I were in charge  of building the town, forest and grave. The two other people in my group, Christopher and Peter were in charge of the haunted house and entrance, decorating places with blood and cob webs. Aruna made most of the town and me and peter helped build some parts, I made The grave, secret passage with cart ride and the forest. While peter added a part to the cart ride and made the gate and haunted house with Christopher, Christopher built a ship reck at our entrance and helped make bits of the town. I really think my group did a great job, everyone was on task, finished their own responsibilities then helped others in our group. My group was much better than I thought.

I think that my finished work meets with most of my design specification, although during construction I changed a few of my thoughts on the structures and made them better. Otherwise I tried my best to meet the specification, such as using redstone for blood, building and connecting the cart ride with the haunted house, using dark colors and using redstone. I could of made the grave more scary by breaking some parts of the gates or floor.

Overall I think I did best on the create part, because I am not super good at using minecraft and building a whole theme park sounded fun and hard, but I managed to finish it. I think that the structures I built were all quite good, when you fly up and look down or go in from the entrance it actually looks like a haunted theme so I am quite proud. There could be some improvements such as the planning section, where I should plan out more clearly so when I build it would of been more easy. I though that linking all our clases parks with a huge lake in the middle was a great idea and everything looks that everyone worked really hard on it. If we were to do this unit again, I would still eb happy to make another world and put in lots more cool attractions since I got used to the app more.

Tech digital story reflection

In this unit we learned about how to create a creative and interesting digital story. We also learned about lots of new ways to create the story such as Prezi and photo peach. So then we each chose a source to study more about then at the end share our findings in small groups. We taled about the question how can we use media to communicate our stories and came up with lots of different ideas such as silent film, cartoon and commercial.

My answers:

●Silent film
●Music (Emotion/background track/voiceover/sound fx)
●audio book

The design cycle








To create our very own digital story we first started off with using a planning sheet that was also marked on. It helped us organized our plans to making the story, such as which sources we are going to use to create it and what kind of story would be interesting to make about. When creating we followed the steps in the design cycle, Investigate, plan, create and evaluate.

During the investigation time we looked at other peoples digital storys to get an idea of how it is done. Then we had discuss about what makes a digital story interesting and valuable. We looked and tried different the different sources we could use to create the story. After we finished investigating we started planning, in this step we listed the sources we could use and chose the best three and wrote why we chose them. We listed 5 or more ideas for storys then also chose our best three and filled in who is our target audience, how would you present and possible tool to use then chose our best one. The we finally got to the create part, in this step is when we start creating our digital story. We first wrote a schedule of when we are going to film and edit and all that stuff. For my tools I chose keynote and doozla, but I ended up changing it to imovie and doozla because keynote was a little bit more confusing than I thought. At first I was planning to just create mine like a drama with like acting but then I found out that it won’t work because I can’t find a good day to film and it takes more than just one day to film and get everybody so I changed it to still photos and only some parts are short films. Through out I changed a lto because I discovered more and thought of more and I ended up being pretty happy with what I got.

In class when we showed our storys I was impressed with all of my classmates work and I discovered and learned a lot that If I could do this again I would change this part and that part in my story. Everyones was really good that I felt like I did nto want to show mine but we still had to. If I could do this again I want to add more cool effects and maybe have more clear images. For next year maybe they should first let the students have a practice at filming and creating a short video first before they start the real one so that they have more experience when creating their real one. Overall I had lots of fun in this unit I love creating movies and videos and looking at them at the end. I am also looking forward to my next unit.  XD


Please enjoy watching!