Favorite book of 2013

My favorite book that I read this year was Dragon keeper by Carole Wilkinson. The reason that this book was my favorite and most enjoyable out of the other books I read was because The content was not so hard to understand, it is my favorite type of book genre,  and it made you want to continue reading the next adventures(books). It made me want to read more because for the end of most chapters it ends up really mysterious, exciting and makes you want to find out what is going to happen next. I also liked how it introduces a tiny bit about the characters as they come up in the story , so you get an idea of the whole setting of the story and a clear image of how it began. Where in this other book, it introduced a bit of the surrounding but then started the the story in the middle of a scene which made it a bit hard to understand and follow up on what is happening, but the book was a great book. The next book I want to try reading is Princess of glass by Jessica Day George. Since the cover and blurb of the book caught my attention.

The definition of poetry

In english class we started our new unit on poetry. On this blog post we are to write 2 of our own definitions of poetry, one in a poetic form and the other in prosaic form.

Definition (prosaic):

Poetry is a writing that formulates a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience and arranged to create a specific emotional response using literature such as figurative language and rhythm. Often quite short, but can tell ones feelings and thoughts in just a few lines.

Definition (poetic):

Poetry can be a story

it can be an art

it can be a picture

it can also be a song

poetry is your heart


The differences between the two is that prosaic form is more direct and poetic form makes you think about things more deeply. You would probably use the two forms in different situations, in an essay you could use either on them depending on your topic, now days we don’t really use poem in everyday life so if you are poetic in a normal conversation it would be a little strange.




My fair concubine – Reading journal

My book for Dear reading is called “My fair concubine”, which is written by Jeannie Lin. I have only read one long chapter but I am enjoying this book so far.

At first I didn’t really get what was happening in the chapter but then as I kept reading I started to get what was going on. The first chapter mostly was about how the two protagonists met each other. There are lots of dialogues in the book too, and by the dialogue I could tell that the man(Fei long one of the protagonists) didn’t treat the tea girl very well. But I think that later in the book they will have adventures and troubles and will get closer to each other and become friends.

On the blurb it says that he has to train the tea girl into a princess in to months to deliver to the emperor, by this I am assuming that at first he is just going to use this tea girl to solve his problems but then towards the middle of the book I think they will have feelings for each other. Fei long then will have more problems and troubles for wanting to take the tea girl for his own. I think that my thoughts will happen because in lots of films and plays I have seen and lots of other books similar things like two people not liking each other but then get feelings for each other happen, so I think this will be a connection to some other books I have read.