Spring concert – Ryu Ryu reflection

We have been working on a Piece called “Ryu Ryu” in koto class. We finally performed it in the spring concert.

I thought my preparation was good, because I was able to memorize and play the piece with dynamics by the concert. There were some weeks where I did not practice as much because of other things I needed to do. Memorizing the music was not so hard for me, but when the dynamics were added, I had to think about getting the dynamics right and getting the notes right which made me forget what the next section of the piece is.

In class we play as an ensemble, so everyone needs to be able to get the timing right, for example after a rest we need to come in at the same time or else it would sound unorganized. Also as a group we need to the dynamics correct, since there is a lot of people in our group, it is easy to play loud but harder to play soft, so we needed to play our softs as soft as we can and loud as loud as we can so that the audience can hear a difference.

I think that I did a good job, I did not make a lot of mistakes and I tried my best. If I play like no one is watching me or like when I practice it helps me to be more fluent, accurate, when I play with a lot of pressure thinking there are many people it is harder to concentrate. This also goes for most presentations, I mostly do better in my practices than real one, but if I don’t think about it so much when presenting I stumble less.

Overall, I think that our group did a excellent job in the concert. When listening to it in on video I was really impressed in our performance, we don’t practice all together in every class which means everyone was working hard at home. This is probably my last performance with this whole group because next year I am not continuing koto as a subject but for a after school activity. I really like our group, I think we are a great group and hope we get to perform all together again sometime.

Koto Raden

In music class we have been working on a piece called Raden and here is a video of me playing a part of part 2 in the piece. This part that I am playing is one of the difficult parts of Raden(C-D) so I am hoping to see some improvement in myself playing this song by the time of the concert in December.

Here is the video: