Presenting naked technology unit: Presentation evaluate

For technology class we were having a unit on presenting naked. This unit was mainly about improving our presentation skills. We started this unit a few weeks after school started and which lasted for this whole semester which is about 3 months. In this unit we have been working on a big project, which was to do a presentation on a topic you have chosen and the presentation was to be either a R.S.A. which is where you take a video of your self drawing and doing a voice over it, Pecha Kucha which is 20 slides and 20 seconds to talk about each slide, Ignite or Ted talks where you can have unlimited amounts of slides but with a few minutes to talk. Before we choose which one to do we researched and watched examples of each of these types of presentations for a few classes. When creating our presentations we went through the design cycle which is 5 steps, investigate, design, plan, create and evaluate. When creating our presentations we had a few classes where we shared the work we did so far to a partner and they would give us feedback on the parts and the parts that needs to be improved. In these discussions I got feedbacks such as “needs improvement on the pace of my talking”, I worked on the feedbacks by practicing reading aloud which did get me into improving.

I made a R.S.A. on “The battle of the Red cliff Three kingdoms”, at first I thought of doing “The Three kingdoms” as my topic but I decided that it was too big for a few minutes presentation so I then started to do the presentation on CaoCao(One of the warlords in Three kingdoms) but I realized it was also a very big topic to do. I already finished drawing my storyboard when I realized but I still changed it to The “battle of the Red cliffs(The topic I ended up doing)” and all this wasted  a lot of time. I didn’t really have any problems when creating but I had a big problem at the end, but since I finished only  2 days before we present I didn’t really have enough time to deal with the problem which made my presentation a disaster and uncompleted since I did a R.S.A. At the end I found a way to present which was only a bit of drawing at the beginning and the rest voiceover.


If I were to do this project again there will be lot’s of improvements I would add to each of the steps in the design cycle. For the first step “investigate”, I would get to know more about the way I am presenting especially if it is my first time presenting this way, which gives me a idea of what I could do for the later steps. In the second step “design” I would test make my presentation once (depending on what type of presentation) and get a better idea of what the my presentation could be like. In the third step plan I would definitely make a better storyboard which shows more detailed information for each slide or scene, because I realized after I made my second storyboard after changing a bit of my topic. It made it easier to create the slides and you will be able to know what you are doing next. Also I would plan out my time better, so maybe make a goal for each week so that I could finish a few days early to avoid problems like I had this time. So were the main things I would improve on through out the design cycle.

I think that our unit question “Presenting naked” means that we present something you are already familiar with or already know well. So when presenting naked the presenter shouldn’t have to really memorize any script and they should be more confident with what they are presenting as in they will speak more naturally to the audience in a more conversational way. When presenting naked you will probably choose a topic that you are interested in because you are more familiar with it, when you are entertained in the topic it will also be easily entertaining for the audience which can drag their attention. Overall I now know that the design of the presentation is not only important but the skill or quality of your voice is also very needed in a good presentation. If the quality of your voice is not that good the audience won’t get the information you are trying to get to them and going to the design, you need a balanced amount of text and images but better if there is no text at all because if you just have a lot of text on your slides the audience can just read from it which makes it no point of you standing there presenting. So both of these elements are very important in a good presentation.