In design class, we have been working on our own Public service Announcements. My topic I chose to talk about is Lack of sleep.

Design brief: Today, many people have a problem of not getting enough sleep. According to my survey, 99% of the people said they do not get enough sleep. Although it is mainly students and people at work, but also many other people because of the use of electronic devices is keeping us awake. I surveyed people asking them, “what keeps you awake?”, many answered homework, others answered technology. Many people may say that lack of sleep is bad but not many people do things to fix the habit. Getting enough sleep is very important, when your body does not get enough sleep everyday, it will cause you to collapse sometime. Especially for students, students are in the time where they are still growing and lack of sleep can affect your growing. So to get people more aware of this problem, I am going to try to create a PSA which will be less than a minute, with a few causes, a solution, and a few other information on health. I am aiming to make it less than a minute because from my PSA critiques I saw that the ones longer than a minute start to get boring after around 1 minute.

Here is my PSA:

Educational scratch game

In design class we have been creating our own educational game on a tool called scratch. Our target audience was the younger elementary kids, and we had to create a game which would teach them something, but also pleasing to both genders.
Here is the game that I have created:

My game was on flags, basically I put in a number of flags from different countries, and you have to identify them.
A few weeks ago the kindergarden class came to play our game, and I made a survey to collect feedback so I could see what the target audience thought about my game.
With feedback I have collected, I could make my game more successful by fixing up and adding a few things. By the feedback I got from the target audience, I saw that some can have a hard time reading the names of the countries, so an way to improve this problem is to have the name of the country said out when they have their mouse over the country’s name. I would also like to add some music in the background. There will also be a button to turn the music off or on. It would also be nice to have some moving graphics, since all my images are flat. Moving graphics would make more small kids interested and want to play the game.
I think that my game was successful and met most of my design specifications. I have made my game enjoyable for my target audience. With observing and feedback there were no serious glitches and 90% of the time it went smoothly. My game is appropriate and successfully an educational game which makes them recognize a few of the familiar flags around the world and one or two not so familiar ones. This can help them to be aware of the different countries.

4 criteria Summary

Inquiring and analyzing:

Explain and justify the needs. By doing this, it can help you understand what you will be doing. Last year I sometimes didn’t gather enough and I information comes to me throughout the project, or I gather a lot and some ends up not useless and hard to organize.

Developing ideas:

Developing and planning ideas, drawings and diagrams. I like this part the most so I spent more time on this section, but at the end I wished I spent a bit less time on drawing things out neatly, perfectly and added more time in other sections where I needed it.

Creating the solution:

Show the changes made and construct a logical plan. In this section you would basically make your design. Record what I have been doing with pictures is one of the things we did last year.


Reflect on your final product. Explain about your process, the success and how it could be improved.