Humanities blog challenge

Before I did not know what was humanities, not even one clue but after a year of humanities class I now understand what humanities might mean. I think that these words describes humanities the most. Archaeology, Religion, Ethics, History, Languages & Linguistics, Literature, Philosophy and Theory. So I think that humanities is maybe a study about humans since it has the word human in it.

I think that the most important things that we learned this year were how it is important to respect other people’s beliefs and religion, and about human evolution through time. I think that it is important to respect other people’s thoughts because at most times no one knows the right answer so it is not right or wrong, disagreeing to religions can cause fights again. Also that we should know that whats normal for us may not be normal for other people such as some countries eat bugs and we may think that is not normal but to them us eating chickens may not be normal.

In this year the most interesting things that I learned about were about the different ancient civilizations, I always like to learn about asian history. I was especially interested in the class system writing and all that. In this unit I liked the making your own civilization project I found it interesting because we got to make up the rules, language, writing and everything. The other favorite thing was the journal writing about the silk road. Next year I want to learn more about ancient empires of different countries and more history about there class system, living, Art and clothing. If it is possible for next year I want to have more fun projects that can show your knowledge and creativity such as the creating your own civilization project that I did this year. I wish there could be a project where you choose a empire to write about or other kinds of projects.

I think that next year for the 6th grade they should add more fun projects because I think that if the project is fun then we would want to do it so we will learn information faster and better. Maybe show more videos for examples or for information because then the 6th grade students will enjoy the unit more.

Humanities culture

Different cultures eat different food even though it is the same we eat it in a different and unique way. Our class watched some videos of some different cutures and two of them is about food. The first one was about a food buffet, there was no normal food they served bugs and different kinds of creatures like raccoons and alligators but it is normal to them but seems weird to us. Actually it is the same thing as us eating chicken, cows and pigs, it is normal to us but not normal to some other cultures just like their food seems weird to us. I think I would like to try some of the other cultures foods, clothing and behavior because it is fun and you get to understand the other culture more.

Art and Architecture

The ancient arts of Greek, Egypt and China?  Find out facts about them in my writing below 🙂

China Greece Egypt
Buildings: Most Chinese buildings are made from wood or concrete.
Art of the Ming dynasty:
Most art from the Ming dynasty is made from glass they are mostly glass vases with beautiful decorations
Art of the Tang dynasty:
In the Tang dynasty art was pretty popular, they had all kinds of arts but most in Tang dynasty is sculptures. They mostly make sculptures of horses and princesses. The other main art is paintings, They made lots of paintings of people, but most of them were
located inside the palace.
Greek Art – The Greek art began from the Cylodic and Minoen civilization,they gave birth to western classic art.The Greek art is mainly broke into 5 forms. Articheture,sculpture,pottery,painting and jewelry making.Greek Artichecture  – The Greeks had 3 temple architectural systems. Doric,Ionic and Corinthan.  The doric style is very detailed in the middle and simple on the top. The ionic style is is more thinner and more elegant. The Corinthan style has leaves on top. The Corinthan style is often found on Greek temples.

Greek Sculptures – There are not much sculptures left from the ancient Greek.Most of the Ancient Greeks had sculptures of god.

Art from Egypt: Egypt mostly paint pictures. Mummies are also part of art in Egypt unique. The art in Egypt are all really , most paintings have the man with the dog head.
Buildings: Most of the ancient Egyptian buildings have disappeared leaving no trace. They were built of sun baked bricks made of Nile mud and straw, houses, palaces and city walls crumbled when they stopped being looked after. Stone structures like temples and tombs fared better, but even they fell victim to the ravages of time, the greed of men, to earthquakes and subsidence. One shouldn’t be surprised by what has disappeared but by how much is left.
Similarities – All Civilizations made sculputures to remember the gods of their civilizations or the other important people in their civilization.They also made paintings to remember or to keep track of stuff, such as events that happened.Similarities-

Similarities to the modern age: There are more high quality arts in the modern age than the ancient world. Now we use more colors, paint, color pencils and pens but in ancient civilization they used rocks. In the ancient time they also used paint. Now we create art to share our imagination, for fun or things you like.