Create reflection

This Unit we were looking and learning and even creating our own tutorials.  Now that we finished creating our tutorials I want to reflect on what I learned or found out and what I might want to make better.

While this unit I learned lots of new tips that I never thought about before, but after this I know that using those tips are important. I also learned a lesson from my tutorial about you should  always not video it all at once because you might need to video 3 or more times and if you cut some parts off it might look strange.

A good way of practicing Chinese from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

I am not so proud of my tutorial but I still think it was not so bad for a first one. When I was creating the tutorial it was fun and I thought I had everything I needed but at the end it was too long but the steps were clear. When I looked at some examples on youtube I thought I needed to make my tutorial more simple and shorter and some more.

I think it was not so difficult and not easy, when I was filming it was easy but the editing parts were hard. While I was filming it was easy because you just need to record your self showing the steps to your topic. But the editing was hard because sometimes the music does not work and lots of the editing tools i don’t know about.

I think that I meet the criteria not distracting, and loud voice. I think it meets not distracting because I don’t have other sounds or movement in the background and the video is always focusing on the main subject. It meets loud voice because I spoke loudly and clearly.

If I created another tutorial I will try making it shorter with simple steps, I will have to work a bit more at the editings because my tutorials editing was not so good this time. Some of my music and slides were messed up.

I watched my friend Maya and Elina, when I watched their tutorials I got lots of ideas of how to make my tutorial better. On Maya’s I learned about how to talk in a loud, confident and clear voice and on Elina’s I learned some stuff about changing my header and background on my blog. Both of theirs gave me another idea of what I don’t have in my tutorial that they have.

I enjoyed this unit because I like making our sharing stuff such as our creativeness. I learned a lot of things in this unit that helps me us the computer such as putting in music. If we were going to do this unit again I maybe would want to do it again and improve on my tutorial.




A good way of practicing Chinese

In Technology we have been working on making tutorials to help other people in a topic. We viewed other peoples tutorials on youtube and picked our favorite then shared it with the whole class. We discussed about our favorite tutorials with the whole class and with partners, we talked about why we liked it, why it is good and how did it interest us. Then with the whole class we wrote down the important things when making our tutorials. After the discussion we made a practice tutorial on google docs presentation about how to do tricks in games or how to post a blog post and more.

While this unit I learned a lot of new stuff about using the computer again like always. I learned that you need to be clear with what you want to show or tell other people in your presentation. I also learned that you need to speak clear, load and in a tone of voice that is good for all ages. Sometimes if you make your video long it gets really boring and no one will like it but if it is too short they might want to listen to more.

This is my tutorial video please enjoy.

A good way of practicing Chinese from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

The next time I do this I will want to make it a bit simpler and shorter. I think I did a good job with my voice level.

Plan reflection

As you know in tech class we have been working on how to make a good tutorial. For the plan part of the tutorial making we worked on what our topic is, how do we make a video and what the tutorial will look like and all those stuff. The other day we explored imovie and found out lots of different stuff that we did not know about imovie, then we made a short video with the things we know on it. Before that we were dicideing about the topics for our tutorials, we read some of the teachers requests and thought of our own that is related to a class. We ended up having 3 pages filled up with ideas, but each of us could only choose one. After the topic choosing our teacher gave us some print out storyboards to work on. We needed to make a plan of what we are going to do in the video and what we are going to say.

We made brainstorm ideas of what we should have in our tutorial and why. Here is some examples of them, simple, introduction and easy to see. It is important to make it  simple it is easy to understand. Having a Introduction is important because if you don’t have a introduction no one will know what you are going to show them or what you are talking about. If you don’t have clear pictures or your video is not clear the audience won’t want to watch it and it will not be a good tutorial and the audience can’t see what you are doing, so it is important to have a clear video.

I think I did pretty well on planing out my video on a sheet of paper or storyboard because I made my ideas simple and understandable. I learned a lot from the plan in how to make a good plan, one of the things is making everything simple but not too simple.








I want to learn more about how to make my tutorial more professional and interesting so that more people will watch. It will help me alot because I will get better at putting effects and other stuff. Next time if I do this I will want to be more organized and clean but most of the stuff I am glad.

I think as my first tutorial video its going to be pretty good because I made simple steps and scripts, my plan is also good.

Teachers of the Future: Investigate Reflection

In tech class we have been Investigating about how to make a good tutorial. We all looked at other peoples favorite tutorials that they have posted and leave a comment about what you think about what you think about that tutorial. I have viewed Tomoka’s blog and Kate’s blog, Tomoka’s was about how to draw a cute cartoon bunny which was really cute and helpful. Kate’s was about how to draw manga eyes, which was interesting too.

My plan

First we made a plan about some of the tutorials that we have looked at with comments with our own point of view about the tutorials that we watched. Then we picked out our favorite one and posted it on our blog. After we did all that we went to two other people’s blogs from another class and watched their favorite tutorial that they have watched as I mentioned in the first part. We read their description about why they chose that tutorial and why it was their favorite, and on the comments we commented our own point of view about the video.

By looking at some other peoples favorite tutorialsI learned lots of different stuff from other peoples point of view about what makes a good tutorial. I learned from Tomoka’s tutorial that it is important to have a dark clear color so that the audience could see what you are doing. Tomoka mentioned how the creator was talking in the video too I thought I need to really think of that when I am making my own tutorial, because if I did not have a loud and clear voice my audience would not know what I am saying so if I don’t speak clearly there is no point of making a video with voice in it everyone would think a tutorial that is written would be better and more clear. I also thought about the tools that I will use in my own tutorial that I will be making soon, because if the tools that I use is not good such as using a yellow or a light color pen.

When I choose my topic I need to know the topic really well. The first mini tutorial that I have made is on a document presentation so it is not a video. I think for my first tutorial it is a very good one but I started to think more, I am thinking that the videos that I watched were simple and more detailed. I am wondering why and soon I found out that if you want to say something when you say it it is more easier to understand, when you write what you want to say other people might not understand what message you are trying to tell them so I think that if you actually moved in the tutorial it will be easier for you and the audience but of course when you make the video it won’t be as easy but now I am talking about after you make it, when you present it.

In this investigate I have learned a lot of stuff about a good tutorial because we have been discussing a lot about tutorials and how to make it well and interesting.

I can’t wait until I make my own exciting tutorial, it sounds so much fun! And of course when I finish making my own one I will put it on y blog for all to see. 😀

Evaluate Reflection

Time to Evaluate!!! 🙂

Am I happy with My work that I finished in this project?

Well am I????

Well I think that even if I did not finish some of the tasks on time I always end up finishing it and making it look awesome. So this should mean that I am happy but I need more ideas for writing  posts in a way that is interesting and eye catching to everyone. My projects that I have worked on all seem good but if I could do it again I would finish it on time and make it more like a blog post not ust a normal dull paragraph.

In what did I learn the most in? Umm… let me think.

I liked learning about the design cycle it really helps me in tech works and other classes. I feel like I learned the most in the Plan part don’t worry this does not mean I did not learn anything good in the other parts, the plan was also the the most fun part to me. I learned that it would be easy to do anything if we planed before we actually did it, it makes thing faster. For this part (Plan) we made 3 or more blog designs and tried to make it so that we could really use it.

What should I say to myself if I asked myself what IB learner profile was I? I guess I was a…

I guess I was mostly a thinker and risk-taker because I tried lots of things that was on my blog and I investigated lots of things by myself, I had to think of what types of  things and what I could do to make my blog my dream blog.

I could use these stuff that I learned so far in the future when I do work like I do now.

Create Reflection

Is my blog awesome? Yeah of course… Ok maybe not but still it’s pretty nice for the beginning don’t you think? 🙂


My blog theme is ok, I like my blog design but it is a bit maybe it could use some more work on it, for the header place maybe that picture is a bit to fancy I should put something more simple. I think my blog now is just the start, I have a feeling that I will make my blog theme more like what I want it to be like.

I am proud of my blog posts and I am proud of the things that I figured out and learned to make my blog look more better. I am happy to see that my blog looks more not like a person who just started to make a blog but some one that is used to the blog and knows pretty much about it.

I am thinking that if I can become a even better blogger I should put something like a every day reflection or news kind of thing so that all the other things on my blog is not going to look dull and old. But not just writing I fell like I have too much words on my blog that I should really try to put more pictures to make it look more like I know how to use a blog and I am not just a starter kind of thing but now I am pretty proud of my blog since I just started because I could see lots of change when I just started until now.






Plan Reflection

first step Planing

When we got our blogs we learned about the different links to the blog and how to add posts and categories. We got a sheet that we had to fill in that has mostly all of the information we need to know to use our blog, we also looked at other peoples blogs and discussed about how to make your blog look out standing and not to make it too messy. The whole class came up with some ideas to help us make our blog look neat, some said the colors and fonts are  most important and some others said that pictures and the way you display your blog is most important. We figured out that if we add all those ideas together it will make our blog look fantastic and a out standing star.

After all that discussing we were given another task called How to grow a blog, it has a picture of a flower and with speech bubbles coming out with some questions that we need to answer. Of course the discussing is not over yet we have lots more tasks coming up, some is pretty confusing.


This sheet is one of the tasks that we have got, The flower is like your blog and it kind of means like growing a flower is like growing your blog.



The next thing we did with the planing part is we had to draw our own blog design on paper, we needed to make three or more designs. After we drew them we got into partners and chose our best design that is the most possible one and the most that describes you the most and write and lable the design.  Next we tried to make our designs on the computer, I chose this simple theme and found a picture and put it in the theme. I chose this blog theme because I feel like this suits me best and it is simple and the colors are the colors I like and the pictures I put on the blog theme describes my favorite things.

I think I still want to learn about how to put stuff like advertisments or downloads on the side of my blog and make it look more professional.

I can’t wait to see my blog to a complete I did not know just making a blog could be this confusing.


The Investigate Reflection

First we made a brainstorm for the blog. We have learned about not having the blog to fancy or messy with a lot of different colors it would be to bright. By not having the blog unorganized we found out how to organize the blog to make it neat. We investigated about the blog and how to put posts and organize the blog like I said before to make the blog look perfect. We learned about the design cycle and did some activities with it I realized that the design cycle will really help me make my blog perfect, It is Investigate, plan, create, evaluate. Now I think we just finished investigate but of course we will still find out different things about the blog while we design it. I am already starting to plan on how my blog is going to look like, I thought of colors that will match each other and not bright colors that will be too bright. I have looked at other people’s blogs too some of them were very good like the go Ramen blog it had the balance of pictures and words, the pictures were all well taken and the color of the blog was not bright and the blog had categories to get the blog organized it was a very good example I got a lot of ideas from that blog that will make my own blog perfect too.

I think the one about colors that you choose because if you choose colors that does not match or to bright and to much colors it would make it look bad and hurt your eyes. so you should use simple colors.
And also make the font size all the same except for the title of something because it will get confusing and untidy or messy.