Reflection on Media Fair

For the media fair, held on June 8th, all students were to choose any topic that has a lot of different types of texts with different perspectives.  We analysed at least five different texts and then analysed them and put the information on a poster which we then displayed for people to see. The purpose of this was to show how different kinds of text types convey different perspectives and opinions for different topics.  There was a large range of topics selected for example, Stay-at-home dads, bisexuality and cultural appropriation.




Monika’s poster was about dieting and she had many different types of text types, such as an advertisement, am instagram picture, motivational quotes, an article, a blog post and news.  Something that I thought was very interesting was when Monika explained what she interpreted was the reason why girls start dieting.  She interpreted this using the advertisement which is for women’s/girl’s clothing and the women in the article all have that “perfect body”.  Seeing these girls wearing the clothes makes people think that in order to wear the clothes they must have that body and therefore start dieting.  I also thought it was interesting that Monika called her poster “Body Image and Dieting” since most people go on diets because they are unhappy with their body rather than because of health reasons.




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Tyler chose the topic of Disney buying other movie studios and his text types were a cartoon image, an interview, videos, a blogs post, news, and an article.  Even though the title of his topic is that Disney is buying other studios, he chose to focus on how Disney bought Lucas Film, which is the studio that made the Star Wars series.  He chose to focus on that because he is very passionate about Star Wars and has been watching is since he was young.  What stood out to me the most was that almost every text he chose had the same opinion which was that people are scared that Disney will ruin Star Wars by “disneyfying” it.  When I asked Tyler what his opinion on the topic was, he said the same thing which is that he is scared that Disney will change Star Wars too much and wreck it.  I though this was very interesting because it shows how attached people get to something that has been there for a long time and how people are afraid of change.





Shishir picked the topic of the movie Civil War from the Captain America series.  and he had many different types of texts such as articles, the trailer, the movie, the comic and a poster.  One of the things that he mentioned that I thought was interesting was how Shishir analysed the movie poster.  He noticed how the whole poster represents war and how the quote at the bottom relates to war.  It shows war because everything is divided into two sides, even the quote at the bottom is divided by a period.  I thought that it was interesting how he noticed that and how it relates to the movie.





Reflection – Unit 3

In this unit we covered new grammar such as comparisons, superlatives, and possessives.  We also continued studying and using the imperative.  For my study habits this unit I mainly focused on studying the vocabulary that we learned in class and in activities that we did, I did this by looking at the notes I took in class and by using Quizlet which I found the most effective. In this unit I also learned a lot about hispanic families and their traditions and habits and how different they are from my family.  Additionally, I learned about what role godparents play with their godchildren and what relationship godparents have with the godchild’s parents.  Lastly, I learned a lot about different types of relationships and terms relating to them.  A question that I have about this unit is that we didn’t learn a lot about different traditions regarding families in hispanic countries, did we learn this?  

Something that went well for me this unit is that I think that I did very well with the memorising the vocabulary.  I did this by using Quizlet which I thought was very helpful.  I also think that the games that we play during class are very helpful to learn the unit vocabulary.  For the next unit I want to not only study the vocabulary thoroughly but also the grammar.  I need to practice using the different grammar while talking because that is where I struggle the most.  

GIN Environment Group Participation Reflection

The GIN Environment Group is a service group at YIS that strives to make and keep our community green by planting diverse plants such as herbs, flowers and vegetables and by cleaning the cemetery next to the school.  As well as organising beach cleanups where anybody is welcome to help.  I joined the GIN Environment Group this year, at the beginning of 10th grade. It has not been a long time since I have joined GIN but I think that in that short period of time I have already taken part in a number of things.  First, I took part in the planting of lavender on the school roof, I also volunteered to help with the representation of our booth at the YIS Food Fair by making a poster.  In addition to that I am currently in charge of gathering and taking pictures that will be used at the Service Exhibition.  We are also always trying to raise money so that we can buy materials such as soil, seeds, brooms and fertiliser.

One main difficulty that I have encountered during my time in this GIN group is that most of the time things do not go as planned because you are dealing with plants that need a lot of care and effort to grow.   For example, my group and I were planning on selling our lavender at the food fair because we thought that there are a lot if things you could do with it, for example drying it and putting it in small pouches for the smell.  We were very excited with our ideas and plans but then the lavender took much longer to grow than we thought and ended up not being ready for Food Fair.  This was a very big disappointment for us and it is also the main difficulty in my opinion.  It is very hard to plan something with the plants because you are dealing with something that cannot be rushed or neglected.  Of course there are also the struggles of finding the time to care for plants and not forgetting to water them but at the end it is only a thing of five to ten minutes.

I think that in this service group it is very important to be a contributing participant by always giving ideas to the group and by volunteering to do jobs.  I think that I have done that by offering to do things even if I would normally never do them and by talking to each member of the group even if I have never talked to them before.  It is also very important to work with your team members cooperatively on a project.  I have demonstrated this by taking my role in my group seriously and by reminding other members of their job.  Through this I have learned the significance of communicating with group members and being aware of the importance of your role in a group.  I also developed several skills on how to grow and keep plants such as how to make your own fertiliser and where you should keep several different types of plants.  I am committed to this group because I always try to have a job or a role even when that means that I have to volunteer or do something I have never done before and when I am working in a group I always try to bring ideas to the table.

My participation in this Group helped me realise what a big impact our actions could have, even if we are not planting a big vegetable garden or whole flowerbeds, if people see what we do it could inspire them.  Especially when we clean the cemetery and people walk by and see us and appreciate what we do, it could raise their awareness on how we try to improve our community and how that is what everybody should be doing.


Spanish Unit One Review

In our first unit of Spanish we learned a lot of new grammar and vocabulary, we also learned about different hispanic artists, movie directors and actors and how to write critiques for art works and movies.  The grammar that we learned is affirmative, negative commands and simple future.  I think that I had the most trouble with the simple future and applying it in writing and speaking, I should have reviewed it more thoroughly and made sure that I used it frequently so that it would be natural to use it when I speak or write.  The grammar that we learned was mostly words relating to the cinema, expressions, feelings and opinions.  In this unit I learned more new vocabulary words than in any previous unit but I think that I should have practiced using the vocabulary more in sentences because that helps me remember the definition since I am using the word in context.  A very interesting part of this unit was researching and learning about hispanic artists and their artworks because it was fascinating to see how factor of their life influenced their work.  I also enjoyed reading critiques and writing critiques on movies in this unit because I like analysing things and writing about them.  I think that that was one of my strengths in this unit, analysing work and movies and then writing about them concisely.

Reseña del Cortometraje

Una Cultura Única

Hace unos días, yo ví una película sobre la India.  El video cubierto muchos temas relativos a la india, como la cultura.  La cultura de la india es muy interesante y hay mucha variedad. El video mostró un baile muy único y una casa tradicional de la India. También, el video fue sobre la pobreza en este país porque la pobreza en la India es uno de los peores en el mundo y hay gente que necesitan mendigar por dinero.  


Una cosa que me gusta mucho sobre este video es que no siempre hablar enfrente de la cámara, hay fotos tambien.  Debido a esto los temas eran más claras y más interesante.  Algo algo que no era tan bueno era la calidad del sonido en el video. El sonido fue muy silencioso y era difícil de entender lo que la persona estaba diciendo.  

Recomiendo este vídeo a cualquiera que esté interesado en las diferentes culturas y países y que nunca se fue a la India. Este video no solo se centra a las cosas buenas en India pero también identificar identifica un gran problema, la pobreza. En general, este video fue muy informativo y interesante si tú quieres aprender sobre nuevas culturas y las informaciones en el video son cierto porque el productor vivió en la India por cinco años y experimentado la cultura y la pobreza cada día.