Media Fair Reflection

The 8th of June a media fair was an organized school event between the two classes of Mr Kew and Ms Barbour. The classes with English at the same time took part in displaying their media posters. Each student had chosen a recent and somewhat controversial topic which they had to research. Then we had a specific type of research where we had to find 5 different text types about our subject and analyse them, in terms of language, how they were getting their message across and what was the opinion they wanted to convey. The purpose of the fair itself was to be able to display our own posters to all these other people, talk to them about it and get their opinions on the subject.

I closely looked at the posters of Peter, Ayana and Wataru. Peter talked about video game violence and how people correlate the too even though there is no scientific evidence to back this up. Peter spoke well about how his different media types gave out different messages, had different purposes and had a range of effects on people.


Ayana’s poster was about the Colombine Shooters and the way they are treated on social media. She talked about how this story from years ago has continued through people on social media talking about them and how they romanticised them, she clearly spoke in a manner that showed she did not agree with their views or the way they handled it.

Finally Wataru chose Luis Van Gaal, Manchester United’s manager and how some people believe he is the best fit for the team and others are completely against and want him to leave permanently. Wataru did a good job of speaking about how some people express their opinions in different shapes and forms, and almost everyone speaks of their opinion in one way or another since there are millions of fans.