What freedom means to me

In english we have been reading the book ‘Journey to Joburg.’ It’s about south africa, the soweto uprising and the apartheid. In one of the chapters, ‘Grace’s Story’, one of the characters named Grace told a story to the other characters about how her brother was in the soweto uprising. She mentioned the word ‘freedom’ a lot. At the end of the chapter, one of the kids that heard the story was thinking about what freedom really means to them, to her. So then we had to write what freedom means to us. This is what freedom means to me:

For me freedom means being able to go anywhere you want, and do anything you want to. It’s the right to get good education, and learn what you need to learn. It’s the right to be able to go wherever you like, with whoever you like. To be able to be with anyone you want to, even if they have different skin color, or even if they’re rich and you’re poor, even if they’re famous and you’re not. It’s the right to be able to say whatever you want to say and think whatever you want to think. It’s the right to go wherever you want to go whenever you want to go. It’s the right to be judged all the same way, and for people not to think that the rich and famous are more important than the poor. It’s the right to be able to express yourself, anyway you want to. You can sing, dance, make art anyway you like to, to have fairness and justice, and if you’re framed for something, to have a fair trial, to read whatever you want to read, and to be FREE.

Here’s a picture that I think represents FREEDOM:


Afterwards, we had to read someone else’s blog post and write about it. I looked at Tomoka’s blog post. I really liked her blog post because it says how she thinks that too much freedom isn’t always good, and I think it’s really interesting because I never thought of it that way. I also liked how she connected her life to freedom. I think she needs to work a bit on grammer, but overall I think it’s a good blog post.



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  1. I have found it interesting that many people have mentioned your post in their post. You have discussed many aspects about freedom that others can connect to. I wonder if we need to think about responsibilities we have with the freedoms we have – like going wherever we want, or saying whatever we want – do you think we need to be aware of how this impacts others and may effect their sense of freedom. I do like your image; it presents the idea of breaking free. Please create a link to Tomoka’s post, and cite your image. I liked that you gave thought to the content of your post.

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