Monologue Reflection

Chosen video:

10 Drama: Monologues10 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

I chose this clip because I think it’s my best one. I think that in this one I show the character the best and most accurate way, and I also didn’t forget my lines

I portrayed my character as kind of quiet and aloof and a bit sarcastic.

I think that my mannerisms and how I was sitting down worked well but I could’ve added more gestures and generally move around more.

I think that my decision of sitting down for the whole monologue was good and it fit the scene, but I probably still should’ve moved around a bit more. I think I did a good job at crossing my arms/legs at appropriate times in the scene and making it look natural and in character.

I think that I probably should’ve researched more in advance so that I understand the character better, and I also definitely should’ve practiced more.

Other persons video:

10 Drama: Monologues09 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

I really liked how there were lots of pauses, especially at the start, because it helped create a lot of tension. I think that she did a good job in portraying her character realistically, and never seemed to go out of character. She had very good volume and projection, and I think watching it you can feel the characters pain.

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