Woyzech Director’s Notebook & Blocking Plan

The scene I picked from the play Woyzech was scene 15. This scene was about the doctor and Woyzech and how he’s been making Woyzech eat peas for the past few months which caused Woyzech to go insane. For this scene my main theme was control and power. (How the doctor has control over Woyzech) To convey this message of power and who’s more powerful, I used staging a lot. For example, I made the doctor stand and pace around in the center of the stage, while Woyzech was in the side sitting down. Adding to this, I had a light positioned exactly in the center where the doctor is.

I think I was pretty interpretive with the scene, because I took it and put my own twist to it. I think in general my directing was autocratic because I was mostly the one who came up with everything.

The play Woyzech is a play written by George Buchner in the year 1836. The first time the play was performed was in 1913. The play is loosely based off of a true story about a man names Johann Christian Woyzech who was a wigmaker, who later became a soldier. Then in 1821, Woyzech murdered a woman called Christiane Wooste who was a widow he had been living with, out of jealousy. This story is similar to the play Woyzech, because Woyzech is about a man who murders a woman called Marie out of jealousy because she was cheating on him.

One of themes in the play is human condition. Throughout the play you can see that Woyzech has a hopeless life. He was struggling with achieving wealth and status, got cheated on by Marie and was going mad because of the peas that the doctor is giving him, while everyone else around him is a lot better off and generally happy. Another theme is lunacy, because throughout the play you can see him slowly turn more and more mad, and you can see how his actions and mind are not in sync. This is a major theme because his lunacy is what leads to him murdering Marie, which was the climax of the story.

The way I portrayed the character Woyzech in my scene was very scared and helpless, which is why he was shaking and rocking back and forth in the performance. Here is a sociogram for the characters in my scene:

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 3.33.16 PM

I have also made a blocking script (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Mrqq2DkfhAuvL2D4Lx9aUsSdmrYgBhKJTfkqXInjTiE/edit)

Throughout the process of directing, I also documented what I did each class:

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 9.37.16 PM

For my costuming, I decided to keep it simple. For the doctor, I decided to just have a normal white doctors coat like this:


For Woyzech, I decided that he should just generally have black clothes, to emphasize how sad and scared he is, but I still kept it relatively old fashioned to fit the setting.


For set I made it very simple and I didn’t put anything in, to draw the attention to the scene and the characters instead of the surrounding objects.

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