Explain how the development in technology helped WW1 (Port folio part 3)

New technology such as poisonous gas and tanks greatly benefitted the war, because with them soldiers were able to attack people from afar. The development of railways also helped people and material move to the front at a very fast rate. The development of submarines also helped the war for two reasons. The first one was that countries such as Britain used submarines in a similar way to the railways, and used them to import things like food to the soldiers. Another reason why submarines helped the war is because since Britain used submarines to import food, Germany sabotaged that and starve their enemy countries by finding the submarines and sinking them. “We will frighten the British flag off the face of the waters and starve the British people until they, who have refused peace, will kneel and plead for it.” -Kaiser Wilhelm

Countries did this by using hydrophones, a new technology that helped them detect the locations of enemy countries submarines by using sound waves. Hydrophones were invented by Reginald Fessenden, a Canadian inventor in 1914.

By looking at this information we can see that the development in technology did help WW1 in many ways such as having weapons such as tanks that can shoot from afar, or to help transport materials to the front line, or to sabotage other countries resources

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