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Media Fair Reflection

Introduction The Media Fair was held on June 8th 2016 in Mr. Kew and Ms. Barbour’s classroom. The event was part of an assignment for the Class of 2018 to look at 5-6 texts types on a controversial topic and analyse the… Continue Reading →

Drama Journal #9

Reflecting on my directed scene   1. Key Idea (Explanation of a concept explored) For our final unit in MYP Drama, we learnt how to direct a scene and the process of analysing a script in order to determine the theme… Continue Reading →

Ethics in Human Experiments

The Twins of Auschwitz What’s the story? Dr. Josef Mengele, under the influence of Dr. Von Verschuer who was famous at the time for experimenting on both identical and fraternal twins to trace the genetic origin to diseases, was interested… Continue Reading →

Drama Journal: Monologue

PART A For our assessment in this unit, we chose a monologue from  a play of our choice and performed it. We learnt how to analyse the text and character and I found it very interesting as my play, My… Continue Reading →

Drama Journal #3

Devising with Forms/Styles/Transitions & Your Transition Performance Previously in Drama we learned how to devise from image, text, object and music and alongside that we learnt how changing the form and style for each scene, can not only keep it… Continue Reading →

Drama Journal #2

Devising from Image/Text/Object/Music During the past few weeks or so we have been working on devising from images, texts, objects and music. In order to do this, we learnt there are different methods that all end with a one line… Continue Reading →

Drama Journal #1

Topic: Review of Elements, which are most important? Dramatic Tension, Relationships, Focus In order to refresh our memories on the topics we learnt last year, Mr. Meiklejohn thought it would be good for us too do a seminar in pairs,… Continue Reading →

Nitrogen Cycle

Drama Journal #11

With our Grade 9 drama play, Heroin Lie coming up, we have been looking more at technical theatre and the different staging there is. As a class, we went through a presentation that described each type of stage and discussed… Continue Reading →

Drama Journal #9

In class we have been looking at Melodrama and Non-realism and how these differ. It is important to understand the difference as although they are both unrealistic, melodrama is over the top acting whereas non-realsim is very abstract and usually… Continue Reading →

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