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P.E. Handball 3rd wave attack

Posted in PE on October 17, 2013 by Zerric

Here is the link to the video I made.

In my team, we had: Toshi, Eddie, Johan, Mohammed, Alina, Aruna, Kate, Michaela and I. In our team we all had Jobs, Toshi was attacker and the person that gives his opinions about other peoples strategies. Eddie and Alina were the players that always called out orders in the game like where to go, or to get back. I was the one that came up with strategies, Kate and Mohammed were telling us what we should do to improve for the next game. Johan and Michaela’s jobs were to encourage other players in between games and they did it well.

Overall, I thought we were a really good team! We communicated and helped each other. However, we maybe could of changed our positions because  Toshi,  Eddie and I were always attackers and I think Johan and Mohammed wanted to try attackers too. Also in our meetings we sometimes started getting off track and someone had to get everyone refocused. Another thing that we could of worked on was letting everyone speak because some people did not understand the game very well and were confused. If they spoke or we let the person speak we could have helped the person understand the game better and play better. Overall, during games I think we were really good at communicating so we knew where to pass and where to run and we also made strategies so we could go through the other team’s defenders.

P.E.-Movement Composition Reflection

Posted in PE on April 11, 2013 by Zerric

In P.E. class, we were working on creating and adapting a dance. In our first assignment we paired up or got in groups of three and adapated the dance of Gangnam Style. Our task was to dance the original dance for the first half and creat our movements for the other dance. Our second assign ment was to creat our own dinner table dance.

In the first assignment my partner Sena and I thought of some dance moves at home and brought then to school and explained out  ideas to each other. Sometimes we mashed our dance together and made a even better dance move. We also shifted the the dance moves in different areas of the song. I think this dance assignment was really fun because we were able to create a dace for our own and it was my first time to do that, and I thought we did good in it too. Our dance was synchronized and entertaining. In this task my partner and I never fooled around.

In the second assignment my group member was Raveena, Elina, Juulia, Sena, Yudai and Alex. For this assignment we did not do anything at home we only had time in class. We struggled on finding the right music because everyone was disagreeing with each other. Also the first half of the time we had god dance moves and were really excited about performing. However, when we were ready to perform everyone started saying more ideas so we needed to change our dance almost completely. I thing I contributed fairly, or at least I tried because there were three people in our group that would just choose every dance move and not listen to our opinions.

Overall I think this unit was a bit challenging but really fun. I am looking forward to the next unit. I learned many things in this unit synchronization, exaggeration, and many other skills for dancing.

Feild Studies Heart Rate

Posted in Humanities, PE on November 9, 2012 by Zerric

IN science we collected are own data of heart rate during field studies and made a graph.

Gymnastics reflection

Posted in PE on June 5, 2012 by Zerric

In our PE class we just finished our Gymnastic Unit. We made our own Gymnastic Performance. My group mates were Jem, Zerric, and Sumin. We performed using the spring board and the ground routines like rolling. We practiced few times to make it better. We had difficulties with our music. But we finally chose “Somebody That I Used To Know”. Hope you enjoy!

We used many different techniques/skills during this performance. We used a forward roll, backward roll, handstand,  cartwheel. Also we used flips, falling down, jumping, on the spring board and at the last we took a pose.

Most of the part of our performance were connected and well flowed but some places, we struggled a little to figure out the next move. Also the balance was kind of hard to keep. We needed to make our feet straight or get little more help from the spotter. Also on the front flip, we didn’t land well as we should have been so next time we might change it to something easier that looks neat and flowing. We need to work on keeping it neat.

The most funnest skill was the jumping roll for me. It made me dizzy but it was very fun. I also had fun using the spring board it was very interesting and fun. The bounce made me jump higher than usual. Next time I want a trampoline and dunk on the hoop! I also had fun with the cartwheel.

Last Pose

Overall I had fun during the practice and the performance. Next time I want to have more time to practice the performance. I want to learn more skill as well That makes the audience keep watching and it is more fun for us as well. I really enjoyed this unit that I want to do it again!

PE time

Posted in PE on December 1, 2011 by Zerric

In P.E. we had cross country on November tenth. Even before that we practiced many times. In the cross country Students from Ishinomaki came too and they were so fast . Also there was one boy witch the girls were going crazy about. It was great having them to come because this meant that we get to meet new people!

In the race I was 10th place witch was the best score for me, although I think I could of done better if I had proper shoes because a ran with tennis shoes, and I know I could of don better if I had them.


1st run: 112:57  Wasn’t nervous felt really good and wanted to run.

2nd run: 13:14 I was a little worried about my leg because I hurt it in the morning.

3rd run:13:46 I didn’t feel like running and walked quite a lot and lost confidence

4th run: 14:36 We went the other way and got slower but I felt better.

5th run:14:47 Still didn’t have the confidence to continue. :(

6th run: 14:27 Felt a little better and ran hole way but still unconfident.

7th run:felt a lot better and got the confidence to exceed.

final run (race): was relaxed and felt that I can do it.