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Paper Self portrait


This is my Paper Self Portrait! We had to use small pieces of paper to either make a landscape or a portrait. 

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Science Reflection


This year in Science class, I enjoyed learning about the solar system and doing different experiments! The experiment I loved the most was the Lorimite experiment because I was able to break a rock, and take the iron out of the rock by magnetising it. What I found interesting this year was learning about the electric circuits. It was fun to figure out how to light the light bulb up with wires. Also figuring out which circuit is each bulb brightest and dimmest.

What I found challenging this year was remembering things for the science exam. I had to look through all the slideshows and answer the research sheets. I had to quiz myself a lot of times which was tiering, but it was worth it. 🙂 I think what I improved this year was writing in more detail in experiment write ups. I  listened to my teachers comments to know what I need to improve on, that helped me a lot!

What I need to improve on for next year is to add more reasons to my work, to add more onto my text. In my work I need to add a little more detail. For example when I made a line graph, I need to describe it more.


This years Science was fun!  🙂

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Heaven and The Underworld tour on Minecraft


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Light in a Camera


During Science class we have been looking at light. I decided to research about a camera because I want to know how light travels through it, and if camera’s use reflection or refraction or both. A reflection is when a light is bounced back, and a refraction is a bending of a wave such as light.

Refraction is what makes the lenses on the camera work. Refraction is used whenever you use lens. For example, it is used when you use glasses for reading and it is also used in the car headlights. The camera lets in light from the lens, thats why some pictures are dark. When a flash is let out from a camera, the light from the camera is reflected off your face, and it bounces back to the film.

A lot of people would say George Eastmann invented the roll-film camera in 1888. But it was actually somebody else called Johann Zahn, who made the first camera in 1685.

When you leave the camera in the sun too long, it will heat up and it will break. Cameras can also break easily if you drop it or spill any drinks on it. Cameras have a limit of how many pictures you take, so at one point you wouldn’t be able to take pictures anymore.

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Math Survey


We have been looking at different ways to present data. We made a survey as a group of 3 and, my group sent it to a school in Tashkent. 

Click  this link to see the results

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Fair Game Unit Reflection


In Technology class we have to pretend to be engineers. We were asked to build an amusement park as a whole class on a software called minecraft. There are four groups who are assignment a theme and chosen a section. As an individual we had to build something that relates to our theme. To get this to work we have to work collaboratively with everyone individual in the class. Our Significant Concept is How we solve problems depends on the conditions of the environment and group dynamics. Unit Question is What does cooperation and collaboration look like?

I was grouped with Charlotte,Sumin and Alex. We decided to build Heaven and the Underworld. Charlotte and I built Heaven and Sumin and Alex built the underworld.

Before we started building our attractions,we made a test for ourselves so at the end we can look at them and see if we completed it.

These are the questions I made.

  1. Is our structure related to your theme of Heaven and the underworld etc?

  2. Is the structure attractive?

  3. Is the layout good,the placement of the structure

  4. Does the structure fullfill its purpose for being a rollercoster,restraunt etc

  5. The size of my structure is appropriet

  6. Is my structure easily accesible?

  7. Is any part of the structure missing?

  8. Does my structure match my plan?

  9. Does my structure convey a mood?

Looking at these questions, I think my group answered them because our structure stands out,it is related to heaven and the underworld, none of the structures are missing a block,the layout is good and it fullfills its purpose. We did follow our plan but we changed some parts, like the hotel we were going to build never happened because we were concentrated on finishing the roller-coster for heaven. The entrance to heaven and the underworld was suppose to be a pyramid,but we ended up building a little house, where on the right is the entrance to heaven, and on the left the underworld. Maybe if we had more time, we could have built the hotel in heaven and in the underworld,we could have added more attractions like a lava pool,or little bedrooms and a roller-coster!

We all had a document and we followed the design cycle by answering questions and planning things out. The design cycle is Investigate,design,plan,create and evaluate. In investigate we first talked about what collaboration and cooperation meant,and why they are important. Then we learned about what you could do in the software called Minecraft. Minecraft is basically a game about breaking and placing blocks. It is a sandbox game which means it has no goal. People think not having a goal in a video game is bad, but in minecraft it gives you the ability to make your own goals and allows you. Then after that we planned out what we want our theme to be,and we chose heaven and the underworld. After that we planned a rough draft of what it will look like, and what attractions we would put in the underworld and heaven.

In the design stage, we made our little test, then we made 3 plans of our theme. The 3 plans were basically the main idea of what it would look like. The plans went really well because we followed the plan and it looks a lot like that.

In the Plan stage we decided to figure out what we would build first. We decided that I would build the roller-coster with charlotte,Sumin and Alex would build the castle in the underworld,I will build the entrance to heaven and the underworld,and charlotte and I would build the ground for heaven with help from sumin and Alex.

In create, every time we built something, we would take screenshots and talk about it, and say if it looks good or not,and whether or not if you would change it. After we finished everything,I felt refreshed and proud of myself. We have done this for at least 5 months and we finally finished! I think I did really well because we followed all our plans and the criteria’s.

This is Heaven

This is the entrance of heaven and the Underworld

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Global warming


Here is my want to know presentation about global warming from humanities.

This is my speech about global warming!

Global warming

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Grade 7 Life Video


This is a video made by my friend Aruna and myself! This is what life is like in Grade 7.

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Music Visitor


On Thursday this week, a visitor who plays the japanese flute called the shakuhachi came,as well as a Koto teacher and a student who can play Koto. When they came we had to think about the question “What makes music sound like it belongs to a particular part of the world?”

The student played the Koto,the Koto teacher played the shamisen and the Koto,and the visitor played the flute. All together they played so many different songs,which were very long but interesting. The music sounded japanese because it made me think of sakura,the japanese samurai,the japanese temples and a lot more about Japan. The tone and the pitch of the Koto makes it sound Japanese,and when you can hear both Koto and Shamisen kind of echo or vibrate.

I think my favorite instrument is the japanese flute because it is very different,and it sounds great! The visitor showed different sizes of the flute,and the bigger it is the deeper it sounds. The sound of the Flute made me think of peace. I don’t really remember what all the songs they played sounded like but, the one I remember is the last one called Deep Forest. This was played by the Koto and the shakuhachi. This was a nice song because it was very calm and slow at first,and then it got into fast rhythm at different parts which sounded awesome!

Overall I think that was a great experience listening to some japanese music I really don’t hear much in LIVE!

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Child Labour


In Humanities Class Alina and myself made a wordle about Child Labour

The bigger words are things that we thought of with child labour, such as ‘industrial revolution’ and ‘dangerous.’ The smaller words that are harder to read are all the products made from Child Labour nowadays,the bigger of those in the top 25 products. Also if you noticed the continents,the size of the words depended on how many countries of that continent have child labour. We got this from a website called product of slavery,created by the human rights organisation, anti-slavery international. They are a charity to working to end all forms of modern slavery around the world,including child labour. We made this Wordle to try to make people aware of modern Child Labour and how its affecting the world.





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