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Speech 2 reflection


For this speech we had to talk about someone we know. I talked about my brother Sena. It was fun talking about the annoying thing about him and the nice things. I think I did better than my first speech. I was more confident than before.

Pace: My pace was pretty good. I was fast at some points but most of the time I was slow.

Projection: I was loud almost the whole time. The first time I was not loud enough,I got relaxed and my voice started to project.

Volume: It was loud and clear most of the time.

Pause: I paused after each sentence so I was good at that.

Pitch:  I am not sure if it went high or low,but I think it was around the middle. When it was something funny my pitch went up. When it was serious my pitch was in the middle.


6B Drama 2 min Speech from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

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