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Performance Poetry Reflection


In class we have been looking at different poems. The first poem we looked at was a poem about the body parts but made of candy,the poem was called Sweet Lips. We all did it as a class and said it out loud.  After we looked at some poems we had to choose one from a list of poems and perform it like a performance. We had to go into a group of 4 or 5. I was with Anna,Sumin and Christopher. We chose the poem called Round about.

Lyrics for Merry-go-round

Round and round the merry-go-round goes,

Painted horses rising up and down up and down,

up and down,

Music so bright and gay,

colors so bright and stunning,

children laughing for joy,

Clinging on as the music starts,

The painted jewels on the carousel horses,

Gleaming in the sunlight,

Almost on fire,

Fairs are nothing without a merry-go-round,

Rising up and down

During this unit I explored the different ways of saying things,like horror voice,robotic voice,joyful voice and more. Example if I say this sentence “colors so bright and stunning” I wouldn’t just say it in a horror voice because it is a joyful sentence,it is better to say it with a high pitched cheerful voice.

I learned that in performance poetry you have to use the space, because since you have a big space you can’t act out the words in just one spot. You have to use your whole body and express each word you say. Example “Round and round the merry-go-round goes” You might want to go around in a circle since the merry-go-round goes in circles.

Before we learn’t all of this I knew some of the different ways of saying things like chanting,girly voice,chipmunk voice and some more. I knew what performance poetry meant but I wasn’t so sure,I knew that you had to perform the poetry.

I don’t think there is anything I want to learn now ,but if there is something else I need  to know I would want to learn it.

When we have to perform poetry again then I wouldn’t forget what performance poetry is because I could use all this and make it even better. We might do this in Drama again so I will keep all this in my mind.

I think my performance was good but next time I want to practice more and make everything flow together,because there was one part I got confused in. But overall I had a lot of fun.


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Creative movement


In Drama we have made a performance with movements and using one prop to make a performance. My groups story is about 2 girls sitting down and 1 girl comes with head phones on ,listening to loud music. The 2 girls try to run away from the girl because she keeps dancing around.

In our performance we had to put these things in:

  • asymmetry
  • symmetry
  • balance
  • use of level, body position
  • beat/rhythm/timing
  • jerky/smooth movements
  • fast/slow movements
  • clear movement transitions between segments
  • emotion in your face, posture and gesture
  • start and end in a neutral position
  • open to the audience and show all movements, expressions
  • stay within the taped area of the performance space
  • the prop is used by all at some point
  • the sequence makes sense as a story
  • you stay in focus and don’t break character or flow
In our performance it was hard to think of the moves because we had to make a sequence that matches our story. We had to use the prop at some point and we had to focus and not break character. I think we could have used more symmetry and asymmetry because we have mostly only used dance moves and fast and slow movmments.
I have learned that it is better to have creative movements because it makes it more interesting. Having everything flow together will make everything go smooth and being open to the audience will make things easier to see.
This was fun and I would like to do this again but a little different to make it even better.
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Sining in the rain by Gene Kelly


In Drama Class we have watched Gene Kelly dance to the song Singing in the Rain. We have write a comment on four things: props, rhythm, expression, and moving through space.

In the Scene Gene Kelly mainly uses the Umbrella. He twirls it around and opens and closes it. At first he was putting the umbrella on his shoulder. A bit later he throws it in the air and twirls it around and opens and closes the umbrella. He then uses the umbrella as a guitar to what he is playing. He also swings around the pole with his umbrella. He also swings and twirls the umbrella several times when he is tap dancing in the puddles. Another thing he also used was his shoes he used them to tap dance.

One of the most important things is to use rhythm and he used a lot of rhythm. He always had the rhythm with him. When it was slow he was waling but when it was fast he was jumping and running. It was a good way of how he was tap dancing in the puddles made it even better, it showed how happy he was. He made sure that the rhythm and the music were matched together.

He showed his expression really well, his expression was a big grin on his face because he just fell in love. He has a big smile on his face where ever he goes! He didn’t care if it was raining, he showed his happiness by  moving around and dancing while singing. In the end when the police man was there he was still scared but he walked of with a grin on his face still happy.

Though out the performance he used a lot of space. He walked though the streets and even stopped at the stores and danced to a little sequence. He went on the road and splashed though the puddles and danced. He goes back and forwards when he was walking.  Also at one part he pretends that the sidewalk is a tightrope, and pretends that he’s about to fall off. It was very creative!

Over all I think his performance was amazing! I do tap dancing so it was fun watching him tap dance in the puddles! 🙂


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Student Led Conference Drama


6B Drama: Double Figures from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

This is one of my favorite video’s
Double Figures

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Speech 2 reflection


For this speech we had to talk about someone we know. I talked about my brother Sena. It was fun talking about the annoying thing about him and the nice things. I think I did better than my first speech. I was more confident than before.

Pace: My pace was pretty good. I was fast at some points but most of the time I was slow.

Projection: I was loud almost the whole time. The first time I was not loud enough,I got relaxed and my voice started to project.

Volume: It was loud and clear most of the time.

Pause: I paused after each sentence so I was good at that.

Pitch:  I am not sure if it went high or low,but I think it was around the middle. When it was something funny my pitch went up. When it was serious my pitch was in the middle.


6B Drama 2 min Speech from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

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Speech Reflection


In Drama, my class had to make a 1 minute speech about what we like. Our Drama teacher took a video of our speech. When he did we looked at our own speeches and had to write a reflection. In our speeches we had to concentrate on our    pace,volume,projection,pitch and pause. For me it was really hard! It was kind of my first time to do a speech in front of everyone in my class. It was challenging and sort of fun. 🙂 I focused on talking about Tap dancing.

My Pace: I was slow and sometimes I rushed. I was a little nervous so my tongue kind of twisted.

My volume: It was loud and clear at some points. But the problem was when I was talking my hand were moving,back and forwards,back and forwards. Doing that the audience concentrated on my arms. So next time I would not move my arms.

Projection: My voice was loud but it didn’t go that far.

pause: I paused after each sentence so I was good at that.

Pitch: I am not sure if it went high or low,but I think it was around the middle. When it was something exciting my pitch went up a little bit. I think I should work on that.


When I watched my video I was embarrassed because my arms were moving. Everyone was laughing,including me. I never new I did that,it was still funny. I have to make my speech longer next time because it was short.  I will try better next time! 🙂

6B 1 min Speech from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

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What did I explore in this unit?

Playing the different games like Space Jump,Die story die,Statue and more.

What did I learn?

In improvisation I learned that when you offer an idea you should accept.When we make a scene you must believe in what we are doing and what others are doing. Naming the “it” so we know what it is.

How can I use this in performance?

When you offer an idea you should accept. Naming the “it” so we know what it is.Focus is important to create believable  characters.

What did I know?

I didn’t know anything about improve until now.

What did I want to know?

Not really anything because I don’t really have any questions. It was fun learning about Improvisation.



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