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English Indiana Jones Reflection


In English class we have made a presentation about Indiana Jones. I was in the Symbolism group. This is my Indiana Jones VoiceThread Reflection

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Moviemaking: shots and Angles


In English class we have started to learn about filming and the different types of shots. There are long shots,medium shots,High shots,low shots,zoom in shots and shots from different angles. We looked at some comics and brought some from home. With the comics we looked at the different types of shots that has been used in the picture. As a whole class we also discussed about the difference between a movie and a book. One of the things about movies are that you listen and you don’t have to imagine about anything because the actors are acting out the parts. One of the things about books are that when you read you can imagine what every you like because there is not pictures. When you read a book it takes like a month or maybe a few weeks. But a movie goes on for about one or two hours.

I think the reason why we learned this was to understand the types of shots and understand them. For example when it’s a close up shot it sometimes means that something bad had happened or the person is up to something. When it’s a high shot its when the person is scared or maybe afraid or running away. A low shot is like when somebody is confident or happy.

In class we went into a group of 2 and went outside to film a short video of a high shot and a low shot and if we had time we were able to do more. We had to take terns of being a director and an actor. The director uses the camera and the actor is the person acting. I was first the director and my partner Christopher was the actor,I took a high shot and a low shot. Then I was the actor and he took a high shot and a low shot too.

I think the high shot turned out well because it was realistic and easy to see its a high shot. I think that we could have worked more on a lower shot maybe if the camera was lower it would be better. I learned that it is hard to take a shot from a certain angle and taking a shot from an angle explains the picture.

This is a screenshot of part of my video

On the left hand side is taken from a high shot,the other with me on the stairs is a low shot. These are screenshots of the video Christopher took. This excise helped me learn a lot.


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Mystery/Detective book Podcast


For this unit we have been making a second podcast about a mystery book we chose to read. We made a podcast before this about a Sakura medal book. In this podcast I have improved more and put more detail to make it more interesting. This time I read a book called The Kit mystery danger at the zoo by Katherine Ernst

For this podcast I think I did very well because I have explained a lot about the book and one of the characters Kit. In the podcast I think I was very focused and very loud and clear,I was in a good place and I didn’t go off topic. I think I did well on commenting on the quotations from the book so I will use what I learned and make a better podcast next time.

If I make another podcast I would like to talk about more than one character so it will be longer and interesting. I will comment more on the quotations from the book and explain when and why the character said that.

I have enjoyed making this podcast because I had fun reading the book and it was fun talking about the book and I would like everyone to listen to it.

Please listen to my podcast and enjoy!


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My first book review

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